Chapter Thirty - The Power

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"Can you watch out?!" I exclaimed as I ducked from yet another Supernatural walking by carrying a slab of wood or something else for all the exams happening in only a few days.

The campus was a mess of people building and preparing for these tests. While the main, final exams which Vanessa will be taking will be happening in the main arena, the level-tests, like what Claire is going to do, happened in a field so they must transport and build new stands for people to watch.

And, of course, that field just so happened to be the one that the Big Six trained on.

"I don't get why we can't just move," I mumbled to Sophia, rubbing at my shoulder that had been hit with a slab of metal earlier. "This is hurting my training."

"Oh, cry me a river," She muttered, inspecting her nails while she leaned against a tree. "Not like you were getting any further with your body manipulation."

I furrowed my eyebrows together in agitation. "Yes I was! I feel it happening!"

"Oh, really? Let me see it now."

"It doesn't work like that yet," I mumbled. "I'm still working on it--"

Sophia snorted, rolling her eyes at me. "See?"

"I can't see you being able to do it," I pointed out, making her glare at me. "So I'm one step ahead of you on this."

"Yet I can do many other things that you can't, kid." When I was about to counter, she snapped her fingers at me. "Try it again."

Sighing, I asked, "What should I try to look like?"

Sophia looked around, her eyes searching the others who were training. I have been trying to become the instructor who has been helping me get this down, but continuously failed. Finally, she motioned William over who was cooling down to come over and help.

"Change into him," she ordered once he got here. "Study his features and project yourself into the power."

I took a deep breath and focused on William's look. From his caramel skin to his ultra-light gray eyes, I studied each feature more than I will ever do again. He looked pretty awkward to be put in this position, but still compliant. After trying for five minutes, I finally groaned and looked away.

"Nope, can't do it."

William patted me on the back with a smile, "You'll get it eventually, Taylor," he said with his accent lining his words. "Let me know if you need my help again."

After giving him a thank you, he headed over to continue with his training. Sophia looked as annoyed as ever, and whispered something to the instructor. Within the time I blinked, I found myself once staring at them to now seeing my old best friend Ryan right in front of me.

"Maybe you need a familiar face," Sophia tried while I stared at this not-Ryan in front of me. "Try it now."

It's been weeks since I've seen Ryan and even though this isn't him, I wanted nothing more than to give him a hug and tell him how sorry I was about leaving. I wanted to tell the real him the truth about my powers, Big Six, everything but I know it would do more harm than good.

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