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Elijah and I spent the whole day helping me with control. After my compulsion incident, Elijah brought in a few more humans to help me. When I finally got the hang of it, we flitted back to the mansion, where the rest of the Mikaelson's were waiting, excluding Klaus.

"How did it go?" Rebekah asked as she painted her nails.

"She learns and adapts easily. I think my job here is done," Elijah said as he sat down on a velvet armchair.

"Aren't you a fast learner," Kol complimented, "Can't wait for my time with you,"

"Bugger off, Kol," Rebekah said as she rolled her eyes, "Well, I'm starving. How 'bout you, Seph?"

"Seph?" I questioned.

"Well, your name's too long," Rebekah stated.

"Oh. I'll just...uh...wash up," I said, looking down on my blood-stained clothes. I flitted up the stairs and walked my way down to my room.

A lit fireplace caught my eye and I peeked inside to see if anyone was around. What I saw made me feel warm and I felt blood rush to my cheeks. Klaus, shirtless with only grey jogging pants loosely worn on his waist, was peacefully painting on a piece of canvas.

I could stare at this sight all day.

"What do you need, love?" Ah, shoot.

"N-nothing. I saw a fire going and wanted to see if someone's around," I responded.

"How was your time with Elijah?" He asked.

"It was great," I said, fully entering the room, "I manage to fully control my hunger and my emotions as well,"

"Brilliant," He stated, "Tomorrow, Kol will be accompanying you,"

"Can't you?" I asked so suddenly.

Klaus smirked and said, "Why? Did you miss me the whole day, sweetheart?"

I blushed and protested, "N-no! Kol killed me, teases me and endlessly make's innuendos around me. What's to say he doesn't have more up his sleeve?"

"And here I thought you preferred my company,"

"I do!" Shit. "I-I mean, better you than him!"

He chuckled and said, "Kol is very unpredictable, love. But, he's the only one capable of teaching you,"

"What about you?"

"I'm starting to think you have feelings for me, love," He stated.

"No!" I groaned, "Fine! Whatever! Kol it is!"

I stomped out of the room and went to mine. When I closed the door, I leaned my back on the wall and crossed my arms, while pouting like a child, "Stupid, Klaus!" 

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