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Klaus wasted no time in flitting to Demeter and pinning her to the wall, with his hand wrapped around her neck. She looked suffocated and I had to step in before he kills her.

"Klaus! Stop! That's my mother!" I shouted, attempting to pry him off of her.

"," Demeter choked out.

"Niklaus, let the poor woman go!" Elijah said, "Let her explain herself,"

Demeter was turning pale but, fortunately, Klaus hesitatingly let her go. I grabbed his arm and pulled him with me to stand beside Kol. Demeter caught her breath and massaged her neck as Elijah led her to the couch. Rebekah handed her a glass of water and she gulped it down before saying, "You're not going to die, Niklaus,"

"Pardon me but what's your definition of a sacrifice?" Klaus growled.

"Did you not read the letter I gave you, Persephone?" Demeter asked me.

"I did and it says nothing about sacrificing my boyfriend!" I exclaimed.

"Boyfriend? Perfect! This will be easy for you then," Demeter said, "A kingdom cannot be ruled by one person alone. Persephone, you may be its true Queen, however, you need someone by your side to rule it with you. And that someone is Niklaus,"

"Why him?" I questioned, "I mean, no offense but we've only been together for a day. Who's to say it'll last an eternity?"

"Don't you have a single faith in our relationship, love?" Klaus asked me.

"I do but with the amount of enemies you have, I doubt I can stay alive for too long," I countered.

"Does that mean he's a King?" Kol asked. I nodded, "Great, now his ego's going to get bigger,"

Demeter ignored him and said, "This ritual doesn't just grant you an Olympian pass. It also eliminates every single weakness you own. A God can't die. Ever. Meaning, the effect of the white oak steak or any steak for that matter becomes null and void,"

"Then why does my brother need to be sacrificed?" Rebekah asked.

"To be reborn," Demeter answered.

"What reassures me that if this ritual does not end well, we won't go down with it?" Klaus asked.

"You stay a hybrid and her a vampire," Demeter said, "Besides, I've already reassured that this ritual will go exactly as planned,"

"Yeah? How?" I asked.

"Your family is coming down to earth to make sure nothing goes wrong,"

"Didn't Zeus want to kill me?"

"He has no choice now," Demeter said, "Another thing to reassure you is Aphrodite made sure you and Niklaus came from one body,"

"Excuse me?" I exclaimed.

"Haven't you heard of Aristophanes?" She asked me.

"Haven't you heard the story of my life for the past eighteen years?" 

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