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I was due any day now. Rebekah just finished decorating the nursery with Tatia and as the whole family was seated in the parlor, Demeter and Aphrodite popped in.

"Hi, mom," I greeted, tiredly. The babies were taking so much of my energy I barely moved around. Klaus was clutching my side as his other hand was placed on my belly.

"How are you feeling, dear?" She asked me, sitting beside me.

"The most productive thing she's done all day is read," Rebekah answered, "Other than that, she's tired all the time,"

"Being pregnant can be draining," I stated.

"I wouldn't know," Rebekah said, bitterly.

"How are your cravings?" Aphrodite asked.

"Pomegranate, cheese, blood—anything either red or yellow food," Kol replied.

"When is she due?" Elijah asked her.


"What?" I exclaimed.

"Any minute now, actually," Demeter added. I was not prepared for this. Then again, what pregnant woman was? Yet, they didn't have babies coming out of their stomach on fire.

"You need to take me to a hospital, now," I demanded, turning to Klaus.

"He can't," Aphrodite protested, "No doctor is experienced with giving birth to an Olympian baby. That's what your mom and I are here for,"

"What about the equipment?" I asked in panic.

"They'll magically appear when it happens," Demeter answered so bluntly. I was about to speak when I felt pain in my lower abdomen. I felt my pants getting wet and there I knew, my water broke.

"It's time." Everybody stood up, confused on what to do. I heard Aphrodite and Demeter shouting instructions, while I was calming myself down.

"Klaus! Lay her down on your bed!"

"Elijah, close the windows!"

"Rebekah, Tatia, I need you both beside her!"

I felt Klaus lay me down on our bed, but his touch disappeared in a second.

"I need all the boys out of the room!"

"But Klaus—," I tried to protest, needing him here. I felt pain rush through my whole body as if it was on fire. I screamed in pain, clutching the hand nearest to me.

"It's going to be okay, sweetie," I hear my mom whisper comforting words in my ear. I heard Aphrodite muttering Greek when I felt another surge of pain go through me. I attempted to thrash around when hands locked me down on the bed. Tears poured out of my eyes due to the non-stop pain, but my mother's voice never left my ear.

I screamed, feeling as if my stomach was being cut open. I felt heat spread through my stomach and I smelt something burning. I heard crying and smiled, knowing my first born is here.

"He's here!" I looked down, seeing my baby in Aphrodite's arms. I saw her hand the baby to a red-head but, before I could make out who it was, I felt the pain once more. I screamed a second time, then I heard pounding through the walls. The pain got worse, me screaming non-stop. The burning sensation happened again and I heard crying once more.

"Your baby girl," I heard my mom mutter. I closed my eyes, feeling so exhausted. The pain was beginning to subside and I felt something liquid being spread around my stomach.

"Sleep," I heard someone whisper, "They'll be by your side once you wake up,"

And with that, I let sleep take over me.


I woke up, hearing someone crying. When I opened my eyes, I noticed I was in my room. I heard shushing and crying, where I looked over at the sound and saw Klaus carrying our babies. I slowly sat up, alerting Klaus of my presence.

"Mummy's awake," I heard him say to them. He headed over to me, gently handing me our babies.

"They're beautiful," I breathed out, awed by the sight of them. They were bundled in pink and blue blankets. My baby boy, who had red, puffy, eyes, stopped crying once he saw me.

"Well, they did take after their mother," Klaus said, wrapping his arm around my shoulders.

"Our babies," I muttered, looking over at him, "We made them,"

"Yes, we did," He muttered, pushing his lips against mine, "I love you,"

"I love you too," I mumbled, pulling away.

"The rest of the family is waiting outside. Shall I let them in?" He asked me. Before I could reply, the door suddenly opened, revealing the rest of the Mikaelson clan together with Aphrodite, Demeter, and Artemis.

"Finally!" Rebekah cried out. I shushed her, seeing my babies asleep. They gathered over to me, gushing over the babies.

"What are their names?" Artemis asked. I looked over at Klaus, smiling when we remembered the names we thought of.

"Hope Andromeda Mikaelson and Henrik Perseus Mikaelson," 

"Hope Andromeda Mikaelson and Henrik Perseus Mikaelson," 

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