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HER BROTHER HAD TOLD her six different ways to knock someone out in under ten seconds before she even stepped out of the car.

Ella had said goodbye to her mother this morning, threats following her all the way until the car as she waved at her. Though she loved the woman to death, perhaps going away for a brief time and letting her cool off was the best option here. Not that she had much choice in the matter anyway.

"Sorry, Seb," Ella said," but I've turned over a new leaf. Violence is never the answer."

Her brother's eyes narrowed in confusion.

"What are you talking about?" he said," weren't you the one who always said violence was the answer to everything?"

"That was before I saw the light," Ella said," and with the light, I mean every god out there telling me to do everything I can to not land in a nunnery."

"Polytheism, huh?" Sebastian said with raised eyebrows.

"I don't have the luxury to be picky right now," Ella said," so whichever god decides to bless me, please go ahead."

Sebastian placed a sympathetic hand on her shoulder.

"No god can help you once our mother unleashes her wrath," he said, wincing slightly as he thought of previous mistakes he had made himself.

Even though Sebastian was 6'2, twenty and a wall of muscle, formed by years of boxing, the only one who still succeeded in making him cower was their mother.

"Good luck, brat," Sebastian said as he ruffled his hand through Ella's hair," go and live a normal high school life this time, please."

"I'm going to a school that's only meant for delinquents," Ella said," what do you mean normal?"

Sebastian rolled his eyes, but stopped her one last time when she stepped out of the car.

"Listen," he said," if any of those fuckers gives you hell, I'll -"

"Yeah," Ella grinned as she waved him off," don't worry, Seb. I'll be fine."

She closed the door behind her then, shooing her brother off with a hand as his worried eyes followed her. He had always been overprotective, even though she could take care of herself just fine, but she supposed she couldn't blame him for that. A face flashed in front of her eyes then, with clear brown eyes reminiscent of her own, but she shook the image out of her head as soon as it came. Now was not the time to get lost in the past.

One glance around told her there would be no way to escape, her entire surroundings a vast expanse of trees, sand roads and blooming flowers. The drive to the address St Joseph had given had been long and the last sign of civilization Ella had seen had been more than an hour ago.

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