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"Between you three?" Ella asked as they walked to the pile of logs Clarkson had set out for them. She thought for a second, before replying. "Fuck you, marry Will, kill Levi."

"Why would you only fuck me?" Alex said indignantly," I'm obviously marriage material."

"I don't particularly care," Ella said," if you want I can choose you for marry."

"No," Alex huffed," now it isn't coming out of your heart anymore."

"El and I would have a happy marriage," Will said as he threw his arms around her.

Ella chuckled as she hugged him back briefly, before pulling back and walking towards the logs. People were sitting around them, none of them looking eager to move and begin. Clarkson kept trying to shoo them away, but to no avail. She would've stayed longer for that amusing sight if not for the fact she wanted to be done quickly. Her lack of sleep and coffee wasn't doing her much good. At that moment she saw Tamara walking towards them and her hopes of leaving within minutes were gone. The girl's eyes were cautious when she stopped in front of them, fidgeting with her fingers in front of Alex.

"Hey," Alex smiled," what's up?"

Surprise flashed in Tamara's eyes and she turned her head to look at Ella for a moment. When she realized what the question in Tamara's eyes was, she shook her head almost unnoticeably. The gratefulness on Tamara's face was gone so quickly Ella almost thought she imagined it.

"Nothing," Tamara said as she twirled her hair around her finger," I was just wondering if you could help lift up some logs."

"Of course, sugar," Alex grinned," you know I could help with a lot of things."

"Really?" Tamara said, her barely contained happiness spilling over.

"Just show me the way."

"If you need more help, just call for me," Will offered.

Alex and Tamara looked up in surprise, having forgotten his presence for a moment, and Ella stifled a laugh.

"Will!" she called out," come here, we need you."

"No, we don't," Levi frowned at her.

"Hush," she said.

Tamara cast one look in Ella's direction, before nodding at Will. "Actually, my other group members really need help too, so that would be great, Will, thank you."

Will nodded and joined them, leaving Ella behind in confusion. When Tamara gave her a brief thumbs up after, that only grew, a frown on her face. Why'd Tamara take Will along? This would have been the ideal moment to be alone with Alex. Well, whatever, it wasn't like she was invested enough to meddle anyway.

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