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EVEN THOUGH THEY HAD complained about her pulling off her shirt there, the rain wasn't ceasing and they only had one room in the tent - the one they were standing in right now. So as Will went to the corner to change, Levi and Alex pulled off their shirts and pants in the middle of the tent. She had to admit it was nice to watch. They were all lean and muscular, with the frames of people who fought regularly, the only thing covering them now their boxershorts.

"So, you all can do this," Ella said," but I can't?"

"You can," Alex said," and I'm absolutely encouraging you to."

Ella rolled her eyes at him, but raised an eyebrow at Levi's scowl. "I need to change my pants."

"No," he said.

So she stood up and pulled her pants off. The shirt was long enough to function as a dress anyway, so it wasn't like anyone could see anything. It covered half of her upper leg, revealing her tanned legs as she held up the soaking jeans.

"You can't just -" Levi began.

"I can and I did," Ella said as she looked around the tent, searching for a place to hang her wet clothes.

"I have to admit this, babe," Alex said amusedly," I've never seen someone banter as much with Levi as you have and you've only known him for a day now. You even manage to get a rise out of him, to my surprise."

Levi gave him an incredulous look, before shaking his head.

"We're fighting all the time," Ella said," what banter are you talking about?"

"She's right," he said.

"Did you just say I'm right?" she said.

In response Levi's eyes widened and he cursed under his breath. Before they both could start bickering again, Will quickly intervened, a grin on his face as he threw a sleeping bag at Levi.

"You see? You're getting along already."

Levi caught it, before giving it to Ella. "Get in."

"What?" she said, surprised.

"It's cold," he said," you're not wearing much. Get in."

"What's up with you?" Ella said," if I didn't know better, I would almost say you cared."

Levi scowled at her and a smile tugged at her lips as she took it from him.

"Thank you," she said.

Levi stopped dead in his tracks. "What?"

"I said thank you," Ella said, before gesturing towards herself," for the shirt and the sleeping bag. You're sweet."

Levi was quiet for a moment, but when Will threw a second sleeping bag at him he seemed to be shaken out of it. His gaze was quickly diverted and he turned his back towards her.

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