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ALEX SPOKE FIRST, A smile playing on his lips as he looked around the room. It wavered for just a second when he locked eyes with Ava, but that charming expression he always carried quickly came back again. Faiza was sitting back, leaning lightly against Sebastian's arm, her brother having stiffened completely. A blush was starting to tint his cheeks, but he feigned nothing was going on, turning his attention towards Alex.

"Never have I ever pretended to not be able to fight and deceived a whole camp," Alex smiled.

"That's highly specific," Elisabeth frowned.

Ella didn't say anything, just taking a sip as she stared Alex right in his eyes. The vodka burned her throat, but she swallowed it and murmured profanities under her breath. As if feeling like she was planning on taking her revenge, Alex quickly tapped Elisabeth's shoulder and she nodded in understanding.

"Okay," she said, narrowing her eyes as she thought," I suck at these things, let me think for a moment."

Alex leaned in to whisper something in her ear and she laughed.

"So," she said," never have I ever been arrested."

Ella took another sip, Levi doing so beside her as well. She slowly turned towards him, but before she could say anything she noticed Will doing so as well opposite her, Sebastian trying to hide his. Ava seemed to be the only one who did so without caring, an amused glint in her eyes when she looked at Alex.

"I thought you were a bad boy," she said, clicking her tongue disapprovingly.

"I am," Alex drawled," I just run hard enough."

"That makes one of us," Sebastian murmured.

"So," Ella said," I'm assuming we all got into public fights and got taken back to the police station for disrupting the public order, or is that just me?"

"Got booked for a gang fight," Levi shrugged.

"Someone talked shit about Mexicans," Sebastian said," so I broke his jaw."

Faiza gently tucked a lock of his hair behind his ears, but didn't say anything. That seemed to be enough to let the rising anger in Sebastian's eyes die down, like a fire deprived of oxygen. Ava glanced at Sebastian, her dark eyes unreadable.

"Got racially profiled," she said," so I told the cop that he was a racist prick and to go fuck himself."

"As you should," Ella said.

"Are you alright?" Mia said, worry coloring her eyes.

Ava shrugged. "All cops are bastardized, but at least I had the chance to kick this one in the balls."

"Remind me to never get you angry," Sebastian said, wincing slightly at the thought.

"She has no mercy," Alex nodded solemnly.

"Wait," Ella said, eyes widening as she remembered," why did you get arrested, Will?"

Will gave her a sheepish grin, shaking his head in shame. "I stole a traffic cone."

"What?" she blinked.

"We were at a party," Will said, covering his face with his hands," and the cops were driving by when I did it."

"He refused to give it back," Levi said," and when they came closer he somehow just decided to whack it at their heads."

"My brain short circuited," Will said, removing his hands slowly," my drunk brain somehow thought the best way to get rid of it was by throwing it away. Somehow I did so at them."

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