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THEY WERE WOKEN UP by the sound of pans clashing against each other. It was a horrible, screeching noise which made them all curse as they pulled their pillows over their heads, eager to get some more sleep. Nothing could muffle it though and Ella closed her eyes, wishing she was anywhere but here.

"I want to die," Alex muttered.

"Not before I kill whichever fucker is making that noise first," Levi hissed.

They had stayed up late talking about whomever and whatever and although it had been fun, the consequences were here in her fatigued eyes and throbbing head. Ella would guess they probably had two hours of sleep, nothing more, and combined with the previous, tiring day the need to pass out for fourteen hours was stronger than ever.

"Rise and shine, criminals in the making!" Clarkson's voice boomed," rise and shine!"

"I'll show him who's a criminal in the making when he gets close," Alex snarled from under his pillow.

And although Ella knew she had the image of a non-violent girl to maintain, if Clarkson would have come within arm's reach then, she would have been perfectly capable of strangling him.

"It's seven o'clock!" Clarkson yelled," get up!"

The terrible sound didn't decrease, but instead only grew in volume as Clarkson seemed to pace around in front of their tent. Finally Levi rose, his eyes screaming murder when he moved towards the entrance. Before he could tackle Clarkson and inflict damage though, Will grasped him by the ankle, his own head still buried in his pillow.

"Levi, don't do it," he said, his voice muffled.

It seemed like Levi was one second away from doing his threats justice when Clarkson zipped the entrance open, light spilling in their tent. Ella squinted against the bright yellow, only faintly managing to see the outlines of the man.

"Let's go hunt breakfast," Clarkson said.

He left their tent open and continued on to the next, his voice booming through the forest again. Levi had to be held back physically from attacking Clarkson, but eventually they were awake, scowling as they changed. The guys had walked out of the tent to give her privacy and Ella emerged soon after, her black top and skinny jeans earning her a whistle from Alex.

"If going camping means having to look at you all day," Alex winked," I don't mind."

"Your colorful string of curses only five minutes ago begs to differ," Ella said, before pulling on Levi's sweater over her top.

Levi blinked in surprise and she looked at him.

"You don't mind, do you?" she said," I didn't think it would be this cold and your sweater is pleasantly warm."

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