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THOUGH ELLA HAD SAID they could stay longer, the guys had decided it was their time to leave. They were packing their things, all sitting cross-legged on the floor, Ella lying propped up on her arms on the bed. The guestroom had been a simple room with two beds before and yet somehow it now looked like the aftermath of a storm. Clothes and random objects they had taken along were scattered all across the floor, the inflatable bed in the middle of the room covered in so much stuff that it almost wasn't visible anymore. She had positioned herself to their left, smiling at the sight of Levi folding the clothes Will and Alex had messily stashed in their luggage again.

"Do you want me to help?" she asked.

"No need," Alex said with a reassuring wave of his hand," you already helped us a lot by allowing us to stay at your place."

"Why are you the one responding?" Levi frowned," I'm the one doing all the work."

"I can -" Will offered, but Levi interrupted him with a shake of his head before his friend could even finish your sentence.

"He's right," Alex agreed," I have never seen someone fold as bad as you do and I've seen myself."

"I worry about you guys when you start living alone," Ella said.

Alex' eyes widened, as if the thought hadn't crossed his head yet, gaze quickly flicking to Levi. He grabbed his friend's hands, Levi's scowl not deterring him.

"You can't ever leave us, Levioli," he pleaded.

Will pulled Alex away just in time by his arm, Levi already cracking his knuckles in anticipation for a brawl. She chuckled and Levi looked at her in betrayal. Honestly, she was going to miss their dynamic, which mostly consisted of Levi being bitter. Something flashed through her head then and she glanced at the guys.

"My uniform is coming in tomorrow," she said," I didn't know you guys actually wore one."

"We refused to at first as well," Alex said," but Clarkson bullied us into wearing one."

"I wore it," Will beamed," the colors are nice."

"You were the only one," Levi said.

"Don't forget the group of girls who are obsessed with you and consequently started wearing the uniform again," Alex added.

Will blushed, shaking his head. "No one's obsessed with me, Alex."

"Oh my sweet, summer child," Alex sighed.

His phone went off and he immediately glanced at it, eyes lighting up once he saw who it was.

"What made you all happy?" Ella said.

"Beth," Alex grinned as he typed something back," we're planning a fun day out together after this."

Levi raised an eyebrow at him, not needing to say anything for Alex to get it.

"We're just friends," Alex said," I mean it. I know better than to try and date girls I'm friends with now." Though Ava's name wasn't mentioned, it still hung in the air, even when Alex continued speaking, hands closing his suitcase. "We click too well for me to want to fuck this up again the way I always do."

Will didn't say anything, instead pulling his friend in a hug. Levi casually tried to get away from the two of them but Will already threw an arm around him as well. With a huff Levi let himself be dragged in the hug, but not before he had grabbed Ella's waist and took her down with him as well. She didn't mind that much though, Will gave good hugs and now they were going away, it was a fitting goodbye.

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