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TREVOR LUNGED AT HIM, barely scraping his cheek with a punch. In response Levi gave him a clean uppercut, looking bored already. Looking at the whole scene made her want to participate as well, but she fought the itch in her hands. There was no way she would jeopardize her future and her mother's last chance, not when she had gotten so far too.

Just four more days and she would be done. No nunnery, no angry mother, just her friends and her own home. So she clutched her hands into fists, blood trickling down her hands as she watched the fight. It was a voice seconds later which cut the fight short, a blessing she hadn't expected. She had been moments away from throwing everything in the wind and helping anyway, her veins burning with the foreign thought of helplessness, one which overwhelmed her.

"What is this?"

Will was sitting on top of someone, his hand high in the air as he stopped mid-punch, Alex just beside him having grabbed someone by the collar and shoved against a tree, two guys already lying on the grass in a dishevelled state. And there, in the middle of it all was Levi, his fists bloodied, Trevor stumbling as he missed another blow.

In front of them, walking towards them with an ease that seemed impossible with heels that high, was Ava. The girl was clad in a skintight halter dress with strapped heels, the whole ensemble black. Her arms were folded over each other, her fuchsia nails attracting Ella's attention as she tapped them impatiently against her arm.

"We were just having a chat," Trevor said, lowering his fists immediately.

"We were," Alex chimed in as he let the guy he was holding go, amicably smoothing his collar out and smiling at him.

Ava raised one perfectly filled in eyebrow, a mixture of displeasure and something else Ella couldn't decipher visible in her eyes when she frowned.

"Why were you fighting?" she said.

"It wasn't anything important," Trevor coaxed her, a sheepish smile on his face.

"Don't get me wrong," Ava said," I don't care if you fight, I want to know why."

Ella had to give it to Ava. No matter how angry and violent Trevor had been before, now he was fumbling for words in an attempt to justify his actions.

"They were getting on my nerves," Trevor said finally.

Ava looked at them, Trevor's bleeding nose, Will's bruised cheek, Levi's bloody knuckles. It was on Alex that her gaze lingered though, those dark eyes unreadable.

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