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THEY HAD SWUM TO the first thing they saw, which had let them end up in a cavelike opening inside a rocky mountain. As soon as Levi had pointed at it she hadn't hesitated in getting there, ready to get the hell out of the water. Pulling herself up, she placed her knees down on the floor, before getting to her feet. The cave was small, water glistening on the smooth stones, like diamonds. She wrung out her hair, finally having time to look around.

Shit. Where were they?

"When did we float this far off?" she said.

It had felt like they had only been seconds on the raft, time passing surprisingly quick with Levi, but from what she could see now the current had pulled them along faster than she had thought. Though the activities were all far from what she would usually do, she had to admit it had brought her closer to him.

"This is because you jumped on me," Levi snarled from his place at the edge of the cave.

Okay, maybe not.

"If you hadn't -" she began, before stopping herself," wait, you're right."

"I'm what now?" Levi said, his eyes big with disbelief.

"I admit I shouldn't have jumped on you on a shaky, wooden raft," Ella said," but in my defense, your face was hilarious."

Levi sighed disgruntledly as he pulled off his shirt, his naked torso gleaming in the sun. When Ella followed along, pulling off his sweater and halfway through pulling off the top underneath, he stopped her.

"What are you doing?" he said.

"We'll catch a cold if we stay in wet clothes," she said," haven't you ever seen a survival movie?"

"You're right," Levi suddenly nodded," we need to huddle together for warmth."

"No we don't," Ella said," it's still day and it's summer."

"Shut up for once and just come here," he said.

"I'll push you in the water," she said.

He didn't seem fazed by her threat, his face calm as he waited for her to come, one arm spread out towards her.

"Do you do this with all the girls you meet?" she said," what a ladykiller you are."

"I'm just being practical," he huffed, before gesturing at his back," we can sit back to back. I won't look."

Well, whatever.

She pulled off her jeans too, letting all her clothes dry beside his on the edge of the cave. His head was turned away the whole time, eyes focused on the floor. The consideration didn't suit him at all and a small part of her found it adorable combined with his angry, violent persona. When she lowered herself behind him, his broad back was pleasantly warm and she leaned more against it.

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