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HANDS GRIPPED HER TIGHT, a cloth covering her face and muffling her voice. Someone was carrying her, her hands having been tied down just seconds ago. Although she could only see black, her vision was covered by a haze of red. Anger coursed through her veins, but she clutched her fists, bit her lip and refrained from doing anything.

Just three more days.

From the voice just now, she had guessed it was Trevor and his cronies who were kidnapping her. Probably to get back at the guys, but she didn't really care. If they had wanted to cause trouble with them, they should have just left her out of it. She wanted to curse, but the cloth in front of her mouth made it hard to breathe, let alone talk. The only thing that made her thoughts rational was the fact they couldn't do much to her. Not until the guys arrived.

A hostage doesn't have much use when it's hurt.

Because that's what she assumed she was. And if so, she just had to bite her tongue and wait until it was over. A few hits wasn't anything to cry about. Being sent to a nunnery a hundred percent was. Moments later she was dropped roughly on the ground. She had to grit her teeth, pain shooting through her at places where branches had cut her. When the cloth was finally ripped from her face, she squinted at the bright sunlight.

They had brought her to a small clearing, her back against a tree, a group of around eight guys surrounding her. Trevor was one of them, smiling with that empty smirk of his as he crouched down in front of her.

"Not so cocky now, are you?" he taunted.

She had to resist the urge to spit in his face.

"What are you doing?" she said instead.

"Can't you see?" he said," I'm going to use you to hurt Levi. The fucker broke my nose."

She rolled her eyes. He was too predictable.

"I'm sure Ava will appreciate this," she said, mainly because she was sure the jab would have the intended impact.

And sure enough, his face contorted as pain flashed over it. Before she could say anything more, he had already smacked her in the face. Her cheek was stinging, but she didn't pay the pain any mind.

"You bitch," he hissed," she's the other reason I'm doing this. One of you probably convinced her to break up with me. She won't even talk to me anymore."

"Are you dumb?" Ella exclaimed," you were fighting with her childhood friends, of course she was mad."

Another slap.

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