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WILL COULD FIT EXACTLY eight marshmallows in his mouth. It was an adorable sight, but not one she had expected from one of the most notorious delinquents in St Joseph, as he sat with his puffed up cheeks in front of their tent. When Alex could only manage six, Will let out a triumphant shout, Levi having rejected to participate altogether.

"Maintaining your reputation, I see?" she told him as she sat down next to him.

They were seated in the opening of the tent, watching Alex throw marshmallows on Will now and Will consequently picking those up to avoid littering. It made for some amusing entertainment. Clarkson had initially given them the task to create a dance to show him in two hours and they had given up immediately. At this point she was certain the man was doing everything just for laughs though, no matter how serious he looked. After all, the thought of Trevor and his group of friends doing a coordinated dance was enough to make her snort, never mind him.

"About the dance, boys," Alex said, before correcting himself as he looked at her," I mean boys and lovely lady. I suggest we pick Ella up, throw her in the air and let one of us catch her. Kind of like a wedding bouquet."

"I swear to God, Alex," she said," if you so much as touch me -" The threats died in her throat then and she quickly swallowed her words. "I will aim right at your face with my feet if you throw me in the air, know that."

"Not the face!" Alex gasped," you know this is my most precious asset."

"I'm not for throwing El in the air," Will said," it could be dangerous."

"What if we throw Alex?" Levi said.

"Let's not throw anyone," she interjected, before it could go on any longer.

Alex jumped to his feet then, his eyes lit with an idea Ella was sure she wouldn't like. "I know another way to pass the time."

"What is it?" she said, her voice hesitant.

"We can spar!" he said," I'll teach you some ways to defend yourself, babe, and me and the boys can get a workout done then."

Oh fuck.

"Uhm," she began, but even Levi, the one she counted on to shoot all plans down, nodded.

"Pick your fighter," Alex grinned," Levi is more of the streetfight, MMA type, Will knows best how to fight with a weapon and -" His smirk morphed into something more wolfish then. "- well, I'm a previous boxing champion."

She did not want to fight with any of them. Hell, how was she supposed to pretend she didn't know how to throw a punch? Will seemed like the safest option at the moment, as she supposed she couldn't show much expertise swinging a bat around. It wasn't often she had needed a weapon after all.

Before she could even name him though, Alex slung an arm across her shoulder. "No need to be shy," he grinned," I can see you want to choose all of us, so that's fine. You can start with me, while Will and Levi spar."

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