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ELLA HAD BEEN ELEVEN when she had started her first fighting sport. Her mother still trained then, even though she had been discharged by the military for years at that point and was building her carreer as a judge. To her, the woman was the most impressive woman in the world. She was still.

So she had gone and joined boxing at first, starry-eyed by the idea that she'd be more like her mother. Sebastian had fallen in love with the sport a while ago, so she had high hopes. When she saw her first MMA match on TV though, that all changed. So after persuading her mother, she had quit boxing and joined a MMA gym instead.

Ever since then, not a day had gone by in which she hadn't either trained or thought about MMA. So to stand in front of Levi and pretend she wasn't an expert at it almost hurt physically. Still, she persisted, mind focused on the prize.

If she survived this she could return home and get back to her usual schedule again. Most importantly, she wouldn't need to go to a nunnery, a fate which she probably wouldn't survive. There was nothing wrong with them, but she was far too violent. Honestly, she would be doing the nuns a favor by not coming there and traumatizing them.

"So," Levi said," let's start with the basics."

"I am intrigued already," she said, voice a bit weak.

He stood in front of her then, eyes locking with hers as he beckoned at her to come closer.

"What?" she frowned," I thought you were going to teach me the basics?"

"Yeah," he said," but come and try to take me down first. I'll be able to see the level you're at then."

"No need," she said, though her words were escaping her a bit too hurriedly," I'm at no level."

Levi's emotionless expression hadn't changed. "You can't be at no level."

"Not all of us are young gang leaders, Levi."

But even though she could distract Alex easily, Levi still was standing in the same position, eyebrows raised. There was no way around it.

Damn his attention span.

"Here I come," she said, not sounding excited at all.

She closed the distance between them then, though much slower than she usually would have, hands clenched loosely, just like her grip on this whole facade. He had said to take him down, but without showing any technique there was only one thing she could do. Without moving an inch he assessed her, silently, and she gave him a wide smile.

A second later she jumped on him.

Even though she had expected him to at least stumble one step back, her added weight hadn't made him fall at all. Instead he grabbed her legs to steady her, his hands warm on her skin. It was then, with her arms around his neck, that she realized they had gotten in a rather compromising position.

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