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SEBASTIAN DIDN'T RETURN FOR the night, but Ella only noticed the day after. She had been so fatigued by the whole camp she had just thrown herself on the bed, Levi taking a place beside her. No matter what Alex said, she knew he wouldn't do anything, especially because it was very obvious Levi trusted him and Will more than anyone. Hell, at one point with their bickering she felt like the third wheel, but it lulled her to sleep somehow.

Waking up her head was aching and her hair a tangled mess, but most of all she was very desoriented. It took her a moment to realize she was in Sebastian's room and another to notice Levi, who was somehow lying perfectly still next to her like a corpse. She was pretty sure that was the same position she had seen him in before she closed her eyes, but then again, he had been the same in the tent. While Will slept curled up and Alex did whatever, he always had slept without a single movement.

She felt the need to squeeze his cheek to wake him up, but didn't. One look to her left told her Alex wasn't there anymore and when she looked down beside her, she found Alex sprawled out on the floor somehow. Knowing how much he moved in the night she had expected him to get further to be honest, but considering the fact that he had been lying by the wall this was a feat on it's own. Walking out of the room, last night started to piece together more, the fact that she had fallen through her neighbour's fence, lost the key to her room and heard at least two relationships break yesterday.

Fishing her phone out of her pocket she called Sebastian, though he didn't pick up. He had to be somewhere at home, because there was no way he was brave enough to defy her mother that much. Slight worry filled her, but she focused on the problem at hand first, stopping in front of her door. When she didn't hear any sounds she turned back around, saving her plan to kick the door in until everyone was awake.

Out of the window she spotted a color so sharp she had learned to associate it with one person only and when she set foot in her backyard, that same person turned towards her. Thanks to the fact that she had broken the fence, the gardens were now connected, giving her a good view of the girl draped on the chair. Ava's normally straight hair was gone now, coconut-scented curls having taken it's place instead.

"I love your hair," Ella said as she stepped through the hole in the fence.

"I got vodka in my weave somehow," Ava shrugged lazily, not seeming that bothered by it.

Ella took a place on the chair opposite her, the cute tea cups Faiza kept there standing next to a bottle of edible flowers. Ava took one out and stared at it thoughtfully for a second, like there were answers in the silky blue leaves. The silence between them kept going and Ella leaned on her hand, her own mind wandering to Levi for a second. Somehow it felt like a betrayal to her ex that she was catching feelings so fast for Levi, but that was stupid she supposed. They weren't even together anymore nor had anything she felt with him been as electric as with Levi, so why was she still feeling guilty?

"What the hell," Ava finally exclaimed, pulling Ella back to earth," why does it always end up like this?"

"You and Alex?" Ella said.

"Yeah," Ava sighed, her voice dripping with sarcasm when she added," me and Alex, the local power couple. I wouldn't know what to do without him and our daily fights."

"I thought you were done with him," Ella said.

"I was," Ava said, a bit of exasperation shining through as she corrected herself," I am. It's just unfair that he pretends like I'm this villain breaking his heart when he shatters mine as well. Just because I don't show any emotions about it he always thinks I don't care."

"And why don't you?" Ella said," show any emotions, I mean."

"Why would I?" Ava said, shaking her head," we are too toxic to date, that's already blindingly obvious, so why would I show him how much that hurts me as well? It's not like it changes anything."

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