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"PLEASE, NOT ANOTHER MARTINEZ," one of the officers groaned as they stepped foot in the station.

It was brightly lit inside, a stark contrast against the dark sky outside, and Ella blinked the stars in her vision away. At the front desk sat an apple-cheeked woman in her fifties with a flower dress and auburn curls, beaming at them as they came in. Behind her several desks were placed close together, only two of them occupied, both of the middle-aged men sitting there looking severely disgruntled about their night shift.

The officer who brought them in had the same expression on his face, sighing as he pushed them both forward. They had given each other one look and started running — before both dramatically hitting the floor after having forgotten they were still wearing ice skates. Now she was bruised and handcuffed, never mind the fact that she was about to be killed as soon as they called her parents.

"They know you by name?" Levi said, glancing at her with a slightly amused look in his eyes.

"First and middle as well," another officer sighed," you and Sebastian steal my police car in my nightmares sometimes, Ella."

"The culprit for that crime was never caught," Ella said, nodding her head solemnly," I hope you do ever find out which criminal committed such a heinous act."

"I may not have proof, but I know it was you," he said accusingly, pointing his finger at her.

"Oh, don't give her such a hard time, Peter," the woman at the front desk scolded, pushing the jar of candies towards them," come on, take some sweets darling, you'll both need the sugar for when judge Martinez comes."

"Don't offer the criminals candy, Carla!"

"They're children, Peter!"

"Yes, that's right," Ella interjected quickly," I'm no criminal, sir, so please don't snitch on me to my mother."

"It isn't snitching when the police call your parents," Peter frowned.

"That's a lie and we both know it, Peter," Ella said with a chastising shake of her head.

"Don't call me Peter."

The police officer who had brought them in shook his head amusedly, before glancing at Levi. "What's your name, boy?"

Levi had been standing beside her, posture confident and eyes cool, not seeming that bothered by it all. Only when he was addressed did he pull his bored gaze away from the ceiling, instead slowly settling on the officer. The man tensed slightly, like he was half
expecting Levi to attack him any moment now, more scared than she'd have thought he'd be of a guy in handcuffs.

"What?" Levi asked.

"Your name," the officer repeated stiffly.

"Alex Farrow," Levi said without skipping a beat.

Ella fought to keep a straight face as the officer let his gaze wander searchingly across their faces. At the lack of emotion on Levi's he nodded, seeming convinced.

"Alright Alex," he said," can you give me the contact info of your parents?"

"No," Levi said.

"What do you mean no?" the officer frowned.

"They really are snitches," Levi said to Ella, not bothering to quieten his voice.

"Just let them go."

They all turned towards the source of the voice and Ella smiled as soon as she saw who it was. The sheriff was a tall, brown-skinned woman, with shoulder-length jet black hair and matching eyes. Despite how stern she looked, Ella couldn't help but beam at her — she was a close family friend after all.

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