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"YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG, you idiot."

Levi glared at her from his position by the water's edge, his fishing rod swaying from left to right with every move he made. Patience didn't seem to be one of his virtues, but then neither was calmness.

"I don't remember asking for your opinion," he sneered.

Ella rolled her eyes, already used to him annoying her by now. "I'm not an expert either, but you shouldn't move that much. You're scaring the fish away."

"You need to be quiet," Levi muttered," don't see you doing that either."

But although he complained, the fishing rod was completely still moments later. Levi watched it with an intensity she almost found funny, his hands clutched tightly around the rod to make sure it didn't move.

"So you can listen," she said, patting him proudly on the back.

"I'll push you in the water," he threatened.

She knew he would actually do it too.

"Look!" Will shouted happily," I've got a fish!"

"Are you cheating?" Alex asked indignantly," none of these swimming fuckers is getting close to my line."

"You can't cheat at fishing, Alex," Ella said.

Will held up his line, a fish writhing on it as it tried to get free. He was careful in not hurting it when he put it in his bucket with water though, before then emptying it in the river again.

"What'd you do that for?" Alex exclaimed.

"It was pitiful," Will said.

"You once broke a guy's bones with a bat," Alex said," this isn't the time to grow a conscience for a fish."

"That was different."

"Come fight me, Tyler."

Ella dangled her legs above the water, glad for the warm summer day. Clarkson had given each group fishing rods and told them that when they caught two fish, they could return and get breakfast. That had resulted in people throwing things at him and Clarkson barricading himself in the house. So now they were here, futily trying to blend in with nature.

Honestly, they would probably be here for a very long time. The only one who succeeded in actually catching fish was Will, but then again, he also put them back in the water immediately after, so he was useless. Their next best hope was pinned on her and with how little knowledge she had of fishing, that meant they were not doing well at all. She rose to her feet and discarded the fishing rod, her mind made up.

"Where are you going?" Levi frowned when she walked towards the trees.

"I'll go and persuade Clarkson to just let us eat," she said.

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