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ELLA GAVE UP AND followed Alex' lead, Levi silently downing drink after drink as well. The both of them stopped for a moment when they noticed how easily Elisabeth was keeping up with Alex. It was surprising considering the girl seemed to be all flowery perfume and bubbly smiles, but she didn't even hesitate while doing shot after shot. The boys had positioned themselves on either side of Alex, Ella to the side opposite Levi. Will smiled at her, looking around to check if everyone was having a good time.

"Do you want a drink?" he offered Mia, once he noticed her without a full glass.

"No, thank you," she smiled," I don't drink."

"Why?" Alex said, already a bit unstable as he raised his glass," there's nothing as fun as blacking out in the weekend."

"I don't know," Mia shrugged," I just never felt the need to. But it's fine! I can drink water and have fun beside you all too."

"I'll join you," Will said, offering her a bright smile," we'll stay hydrated together."

"You hear that, Lisa?" Alex said disapprovingly," we've lost a few soldiers already." He glanced at her. "By the way, can I call you Lisa?"

"You're the second person beside my best friend to call me Lisa," Elisabeth drawled, her cheeks flushed as she rested one on her hand. "Most call me Beth."

"I live to stand out," Alex said, the pure vodka in his glass swishing as he clinked it against her," let's take a shot for that. You too, Levi, come on."

Levi's gaze flicked to his full glass, before he shrugged and just went along. Elisabeth had pinned her hair up in a mess of golden curls, but it was cascading down her back now, waves as soft as her giggles. Alex' smile didn't reach his eyes quite, though he too seemed to be halfway to wasted, cheeks blooming and blouse unbuttoned further, so the skin under his collarbone became visible as well. Will and Mia were a sharp contrast to that, Will just a bit tipsy from the drinks he had until now and Mia taking a sip from her water.

"Alex," Ella said, noticing a slight slur in her voice already as she stood up," give me the key and I'll grab something beside water to drink for them."

"Do five shots and I'll think about it," Alex said, pouring the drinks and flashing her a grin.

"I'll do them," Levi said, taking the first shot glass before she could even reach for it.

He downed one after the other without flinching, so quick Alex let out an impressed whistle. Levi didn't react to that, just wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as he stared at Alex.

"Give her the key," he said.

"I never expected to see you being this gallant, Levi," Alex said," it's making me want to bully you."

"Give it," Levi said.

Right when he turned to Alex to grab it his friend jumped to his feet, almost stumbling backwards but regaining balance again not much later. He fished the key out of his pocket, holding it high, but Levi didn't look that impressed. Considering the fact that he was taller than Alex Ella was sure he wasn't, though Alex seemed to be too busy keeping himself upright to really think his plan through.

Elisabeth cheered for him, Will joining in as Mia watched them with a soft amusement. Alex bowed dramatically at them in response to the cheers, only stopping to hold eye contact with Levi. They stood absolutely still for a moment and just when Ella was about to intervene Levi moved towards Alex. He was quick, but Alex could read him easily, a result of their years of friendship, and started running.

"What's wrong, Levianne?" he called out, already on Ella's balcony.

"This is my fault," Levi murmured," I should have smacked you on the head the first time you called me Levioli."

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