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"delilah, get up!"


it was currently 7 am and delilah wanted nothing more than to just go back to sleep, it was a sunday for gods sake, but here was steve pulling on her arm and begging her to wake. she wished he was an alarm clock so she could just smack him and he would quiet down for at least five minutes, but unfortunately there's a big difference between super soldiers and alarm clocks.

"we have to train, get up."

"no, no, no." she swatted at him, messy curls falling in front of her face, steve noticed her lack of pants and immediately felt a rush of blood, thanking himself for not wearing tight pants, "you go train, bug. i need to sleep."

he just shook his head and rolled his eyes, picking her up and making her stand on the soft rug beside her bed, "well i've decided that we're training partners, so when i train, you train."

"that's not gonna work," she said sleepily, stretching and yawning, "you see, my talents are all natural, and yours basically came from a bottle, so i think we're going to have to break up."

"oh my god," he groaned, "just get dressed, delilah."

she sighed and pushed him out of the room. hesitantly she grabbed the tight running shorts and active tank top she was provided for training. she was promised a ride back to her house and apartment so that she could gather anything she wanted to keep with her at the compound, but that ride had yet to come. as slow as she could, delilah trekked to the training room, steve had already begun without her, once again proving the theory that she really didn't need to join him.

"what am i supposed to do?" she asked, her eyes scanning the various workout equipment as a look of obvious disgust covered her face.

"you haven't worked out before?" steve asked, dropping the heavy weight he was lifting. "steven, i haven't worked out since high school gym class."

he laughed and began to spastically do push-ups on the floor, delilah thought it was frightening.

"i'm just going to lay on the floor."

laughing again, his arms gave out and he too, was lying on the floor. "oh, delilah," he laughed heartily, a white toothed smile adorning his face, "you are so odd."

when she didn't respond he assumed she was mad at him for waking her up and making her train with him, but when he looked closer he found soft snores escaping her nose and her eyes delicately closed. he almost didn't want to wake her, but he also didn't just want her passed out on the floor, it didn't look good for anyone watching or just passing by.

"delilah, get up. let's-"

"mind your own business, steven." she cut him off and turned so that she was lying on her side, facing away from him.

"never. we're sparring, right now, get up."

groaning even more, she hastily pushed her body up so that she was still sitting on her ass, moving her head to look up at the giant man above her. weakly reaching out her hand, steve was eager to grab it and easily pull the girl to her feet. for someone with such intense power and skill, she was very small and light.

"i've never fought anyone," she admitted, a nervous look growing on her face, "except this one girl in elementary school, i slammed her head against a desk because she broke one of my crayons."

steve's eyes grew wide, maybe she did have a murderous past. "well, that's a little rude."

she shrugged and began jumping around in front of him, pretending to be distracting. he wouldn't let on to it, but the way she fit into her training clothes was a little distracting. screaming loudly for seven am, delilah made the completely conscious decision to run full force at steve rogers. at first she planned to just try to tackle him to the ground, pin him on the hard ground and then throw it in his face that the super soldier lost to a scrawny twenty-eight year old girl. somewhere along the way she realized she would probably never be able to pin steve rogers, never in a million years.

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