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"do you have everything you need?" peter was scurrying behind delilah with a checklist he made himself and stuck on one of bucky's old arms and was carrying it around like it was normal. and for them, it was.

"yes, peter. thank you for your help, but i promise, i'm okay."

they approached the group that was standing by the ship she would take to see her real family. the coordinates were plugged in and F.R.I.D.A.Y would do the driving for her.

her face fell a little when she saw bucky and sam standing together, steve nowhere in sight. although it was expected, dreaded actually, it still hurt. he didn't want to say his goodbyes because in his mind, he already had. the breakup, the fighting, the screaming match; that was his goodbye.

"i'm sorry," bucky whispered, pulling her in for a final hug, "he won't come out of his room, he's not in a great place."

she nodded, "and it's my fault."

he shook his head, "it sucks for him, it really does, but you don't owe him a goddamn thing. you deserve to actually care about your life and what's happening to you. after everything you've been through, you deserve something good."

"thank you, bucky." she smiled softly, looking up at him once more, "bye, sam. keep them both in check, i'll miss you guys."

"we'll miss you more, sunshine."

her final hug before embarking was from natasha, who she know considered to be one of her best friends.

"it's gonna be okay, delilah." she stroked the blonde's hair and pulled her close.

"i'm so scared, nat, i am so scared."

"trust me, they're the ones that should be scared. you're a nightmare."

"thanks?" she questioned, "i think."


"watch over him for me please," she pleaded, "don't let him shut anyone out. also, take good care of the dog."

"the dog is gonna be my first priority." natasha warned, a smile playing at her face.

"trust me, i know."

standing in front of the stark space craft, delilah took a deep breath in, taking a moment to really absorb how real this was. she was leaving, in a fucking spaceship, to find her real magical alien family.

"are you sure you're going to be okay?" tony asked, snapping her from her own thoughts as his inner dad came out.

"i'm going to be fine. i'm a big girl now," she smiled and wiped a tear that fell from the thought of leaving, "and big girls don't cry." she reminded herself.

"i'm gonna miss you, kid, i don't want to see you go."

she laughed a little, "well i have to now since we had that big fight. if i didn't go it would just be embarrassing."

"he's not really mad at you," tony said suddenly, the seriousness taking over, "he's just mad at himself. i'm telling you, that man has a talent for letting the good things slip away."

"i wouldn't call myself a good thing."

he shrugged, "everyone else would. you've got a good heart, lilah."

"alright!" she called out suddenly, "i have to go before anyone else makes me cry."

"show him the video." she whispered to tony before taking a big step into the ship, her new home until she reached the asgardians.

out of the corner of her eye, steve was visible walking out of the compound. she turned completely to make a final bit of eye contact. delilah waved slightly and prayed to god that he would return the gesture, but he didn't. the blonde man just crossed his arms and rested them on his chest, a stern look adorned his face.

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