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"let's go to the beach, beach!" oliver was screaming from downstairs while delilah was still working on waking up.

steve had been up for awhile, he couldn't help it. the super soldier made sure he was careful not to wake delilah when he got up for his run.

"listen up, you little twat!" delilah was screaming when she pounded into the kitchen, her hand ablaze.

"delilah, no." steve grabbed her and pulled her away from oliver, who looked absolutely petrified.

"did you really feel the need to wake me up?"

he just shrugged, packing a bag for the day, "yes, yes i did."

she stomped off but not before flashing him her middle finger and saying, "i hope you become a shark attack victim very soon."

"delilah!" bucky shouted from downstairs where everyone was waiting to leave, "if you're not down here in the next two seconds, we will leave without you!"

when she jumped down the stairs no one was really ready so they weren't ready at all for when she fell over her own feet and went flying into the couch.

"i wish i was dead." she mumbled when she got up from practically eating the couch.

"i wish you were dead too."

"honestly, bucky, i hope you someone flushes your arm down the toilet."

he didn't really know what to say, but oliver did.

"i've thought about it before, but i don't think it would go down."

"what do you mean you've thought about it before?" bucky asked, clearly confused by the awkward confession said by his boyfriend.

"sometimes you piss me off," oliver shrugged as if it wasn't a big deal, "so i'm like 'well what would happen if i just fucking flushed your arm?' it's normal i swear."

delilah shook her head, "it just is not normal at all."

"seriously?" oliver questioned, cocking an eyebrow at the girl that he knew deep down as a violent little fire-cracker of a girl.

"well," delilah paused to think about it as they trekked across the hot sand, "there was one time i was just like 'what if i just went full inferno and just lit steve on fire?' but i never actually do it."

steve rolled his eyes as they stopped to set down the various chairs and towels along the sand, grabbing a space for themselves.

"good god, delilah!" he exclaimed with sarcasm tinging his words, "you are just so pleasant all the time, with how you think about killing me and all."

"i never said i was gonna do it!" she argued as he rolled his eyes once again.

"you're gonna pay for that." he threatened, pointing at her and staring deep into her eyes.

"how? are you going to ground me or something?"

he just looked at her once and although bucky and oliver had caught on, delilah did nothing but strip down to her bathing suit and push the sunglasses down over her eyes.

she wasn't able to really comprehend what was going on because before she knew it, steve had ran forward suddenly, latching his arms around her waist. easily, just like a sack of potatoes, the captain threw her over his shoulder and ran quickly into the ocean like a running back after catching the ball from the quarterback.

"put me down, meathead!" she screamed as he reached the shoreline, leaping over waves to get farther out.

"sorry, but you can't light me on fire in the water so this is just a safety precaution."

delilah rolled her eyes, "for the last time, it's not fire. it's just uv rays, like the sun, so if you keep this attitude up i'm giving you skin cancer."

"skin cancer, huh?" he asked, as he let go and she went tumbling into the waves below him.

"i. hate. you!" she sputtered out as she broke the surface, wiping salt water from her eyes and gasping for air.

"really? i'm hurt honestly, i'm tragically wounded."

"i think you'll get over it." she shot back, climbing out of the water and over his back like a monkey, sitting comfortably on his broad shoulders.

"you're so lucky i don't want to go back to jail, rogers!" she yelled, splashing him in the face with the saltwater, specifically aiming for his eyes, you know, like a jerk.

"delilah," he groaned, wiping his eyes, "i've told you once and i'll tell you again, you've never been to actual jail."


"no, monopoly does not count and either way it was only one turn."

she rolled her eyes, "have i ever told you that i hate you?"

"only a couple thousand times, why?"

shrugging her shoulders, delilah dove under a wave and disappeared. steve was expecting her to pop her little blonde head up at any moment. but the thing is, it didn't.

"delilah?" he called anxiously, searching about for her, "delilah?"

he dove under water and looked for her, surveying all of the people around him, but not one of them was his girl, delilah. it was then that the captain decided he would just swim to shore and ask bucky and oliver if they head seen delilah, he knew she had to be somewhere.

somewhere, he tried to think calmly and rationally but it seemed to be a rather difficult task at the moment, she has to be somewhere.

for a moment he considered the fact that she could have drowned and died, but pushed the thought out of his head.

as the waves decreased and his feet hit solid sand, he found delilah.

she was sitting on the shore, water dripping from her hair and and running between her breasts that were held tightly by the top of her light pink bikini. curled up in her lap was a random dog: no collar, no leash, no owner.

"hey, steve! look, i made a friend!" she held up the smiling golden retriever puppy that just appeared.

"i thought you drowned, delilah." he sighed, visibly exasperated as he plopped down on the sand next to her, reaching over to pet the dog.

"i'm keeping it." it wasn't a question, it was a statement. she was keeping the dog, whether he liked it or not.

"i don't have enough energy to even argue with you right now."

she smiled, "perfect." before getting up and carrying the dog back up to show bucky and oliver her new pet.

"you still have to name him." steve reminded her when they got back to the house, delilah was lying in the bed with the puppy curled up on her chest.

"hmmm," she thought, tapping her chin while she thought, "what about simba?" she smiled, holding the dog up like the fictional lion cub from the movie.

"i've never seen that movie." he spoke as he climbed into the bed beside her.

"do not take this lightly at all, i HATE you."

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