christmas one shot!!

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"steve, come on! we have to get the best tree, no excuses!" delilah screamed, throwing on an olive colored parka and pulling on her brown snow boots.

steve followed behindly, in a lot less of a rush.

"remind me, again, why you waited until christmas eve to get a tree, darling?"

delilah scrunched up her nose as she thought of an adequate response, "i was, uh, busy."

"you don't have a job."

"you don't know what i have!"

he rolled his eyes and ran a hand through his hair, "get in the car, lilah. do you have everything else you need for the party?"

delilah went through the mental checklist. she had food, drinks, presents, the house was cleaned, invites were sent, and everything seemed ready. but really, it wasn't.

"shit!" she exclaimed once they pulled into the parking lot of the nearly empty christmas tree farm.

"what's wrong?" steve asked, unbuckling his seatbelt before running around to open her door.

"i forgot to tell sam to warn bucky that oliver is gonna be there. oh my god they're gonna fight, i can't have people getting punched on christmas!"

"why not?"

she looked at him as if he was crazy, which of course he was.

"what do you mean 'why not?' it's merry and bright, steve, not merry and bloody."

it was like he was itching for a fight, but delilah knew that although he was happy to be retired, he missed combat.

"steve, honey, we're civilians now. no more fights... unless it's absolutely necessary."

"fine." he grumbled and took her outstretched hand as they traipsed through the rows of trees.

she stopped at least twice every three trees because as she had said before, tree hunting was an art and she was like picasso.

"this one." she announced triumphantly, standing in front of one of the largest christmas trees that steve had seen since the time tony made them all go to the tree lighting in rockefeller center.

tony, a good man.

steve shook his head and tried cleared his mind of his lost friend.

"baby?" he called, searching for her since he seemed to have lost her in the tree, "holy shit, delilah. this is a monster."

"i want this one." she repeated, hands on her hips.

"you know i love you very much, more than anything, but i don't think we can get this one."

she instantly began pouting, hands crossed over her chest and her nose wrinkled up, "why not? i like this one."

"i'm not sure this one is going to fit in our house."

"if you don't cut this goddamn tree down right now i'm going to take that axe and shove it-"

"i'm cutting the tree down!"

delilah let out a heavy breath, "good choice."

as they wrapped it up, paid for it, and got on the road, delilah began planning for the rest of the day.

"can i tell you something? but you have to promise you won't get mad."

steve nodded, "i promise i won't get mad."

"i didn't wrap what i got you for christmas. it's a weird shape, i just wanted to be able to hand it to you, and i wanted you to be able to know what it is right away."

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