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the room was a white that shined too bright and the constant monotone beeping noises that came from the machines next to delilah's bed was driving steve absolutely crazy.

they promised she would wake soon after the bullet was taken out and her skin stitched back up, but a whole day had passed and she remained unconscious on the sheets before him.

when nat came in chronologically to check on both steve and delilah, she frowned a little to see steve had yet to move from the injured girl's side and she frowned again when she realized that delilah had yet to see how much he did care for her.

"she'll be okay, rogers," she sighed, setting a water bottle she brought him down on one of the trays, "you know that right?"

he just nodded tensely, his eyes never leaving her sleeping body, "i'll believe it when i see it."

"so, you're gonna ask her on a date once she's awake and functioning?"

if the situation was lighter and maybe steve wasn't in such a strong state of sleep deprivation and an ongoing bout of depression he would've laughed, but to him, now wasn't the time.

"funny, you think she actually wants anything to do with me."

as if his self deprecating mood was magic, delilah began to stir slightly under his unwavering gaze, steve's steel blue eyes focused on each movement of her weakened body.

slowly but surely, her eyes began to flicker open, her grey blue irises straining a little bit before adjusting to the bright light that shone about the small room.

"well that hurts like a bitch." she exclaimed, the first thing she said since being shot and steve couldn't help but laugh at how typical it was of delilah.

"sorry, sorry," she muttered, making eye contact with captain rogers, "that hurts like a birch."

"nice to see you again. welcome back from the dead."

she narrowed her eyes and sighed, "i feel like out of everyone in this building you should not be allowed to welcome anyone back from the dead in a sarcastic manner. people actually thought you were dead."

he just had to laugh, having her back was so calming, and it finally put the old man at rest for a bit.

"have you slept?" she asked, wondering how he was doing even though she had just had a bullet removed from her shoulder.

"i got a few winks, it's hard to sleep in here." he replied, sitting back in his uncomfortable chair that was placed next to her bed.

"you slept in here?"

he shrugged his shoulders, "i didn't want you to be alone when you woke up. no one was sure how much you'd remember and i wanted to be here to tell you what happened, i was one of the only ones that saw it."

she nodded along, remembering the bullet piercing through her flesh and coming down hard against her bone.

"thank you for staying." she whispered, it was barely audible but he heard it.

"i called oliver," he changed the subject to hastily it made delilah cringe, "he's on his way, i think he hates me even more now."

she laughed, "why would he hate you more? it's not like you're supposed to dive in front of bullets for me."

"maybe not, but i think he and i both know that i would in a heart beat."

delilah was unsure of how to respond, she just patted his hand gently, the most affection she had shown him in awhile.

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