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"good morning, birthday girl!" steve smiled lazily at delilah as her eyes began to flutter open, barely opening beyond a thin crease.

"it's too early for birthdays." she groaned, pulling the covers over her head and snuggling into his chest.

"delilah," he laughed heartily, "it's almost 9 am."

"and i plan to spend my birthday doing absolutely nothing until i have to get ready for this unwanted party."

"alright then, suit yourself." he made an attempt to wriggle away from the dozing girl that somehow began laying next to him but was currently laying on top of him.

"you're also not allowed to leave," she said sweetly although her fingernails were digging into his arms while she tried to hold onto him, "i don't make the rules, i just enforce them."

steve shrugged and gave up, pulling delilah closer to his chest as he laid down.

"hey, steven," she whispered, soft breaths blowing in his ear, "i have a secret."

"which is?"

"today isn't my birthday!" she laughed like a maniac.

"then when is your birthday?" he asked with a puzzled look, "this doesn't make any sense."

"derrick doesn't know when my birthday actually is, like the date of my actual birth is completely unknown. actually, i guess my secret asgard parents know, unless they shipped that knowledge away when they shipped me away. anyway, today is just the anniversary of me coming to earth. today is my earth day."

he just sat there, a little stunned. actually, very stunned. steve wasn't sure what to think, he was caught off guard and he had barely had the time to wake up and was now getting everything in his face.

"so you lied?" he asked, turning in the bed to face her.

she shook her head quickly, "no, i don't lie. no one asked, and i didn't even know until a little bit ago."

the blonde man stayed silent, he was rather unsure of what to say.

"i'm not trying to sound cruel or attention seeking, steven." the words were quiet because she too struggled with the words that came out of her mouth, "but, tony and pepper seemed so excited to plan this party and i just didn't want to ruin that for them. and nothing has really gone my way in awhile, i didn't think it would be the worst thing if maybe i had a day for me, where i mattered."

"you're wrong," he shook his head, "you matter everyday. you matter to me everyday."

slowly but fully, the smile spread across her face and she pressed a light kiss to his cheek while the smile stayed on her lips.

"i love you, stupid."

"hey!" he exclaimed before tightly grabbing her, "who are you calling stupid?"

before delilah could escape his grasp, steve had pinned her to the bed and began to tickle her while she giggled and squealed.

bucky, who was next door and currently waiting anxiously for oliver to arrive, pounded on the ironically thin walls.

"can you two stop fonduing? it's not even 10 am! have some respect!"

quickly, delilah was able to squirm out of steve's grasp and run into bucky's room.

"let's have a talk, jamie." she began, sitting on the desk chair and crossing her legs properly.

"i'm not going to talk to you if you call me jamie." he retorted, running a metal hand through his messy, brown hair.

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