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"steven," delilah called from the room as she was shutting various suitcases, "did you buy and pack sunscreen?"

the man rolled his eyes and stood in the doorway, admiring the beauty in his girlfriend despite her frazzled state. delilah loved traveling but hated how stressful it was.

"yes, delilah, and even if i didn't, we could still buy some there."

she nodded and puffed her bottom lip out, "yeah, but i just worry about you and your sensitive skin."

he smiled softly and pulled her into a tight and loving embrace, "i know, baby. and i love you for it."

she cuddled into his chest, looking up at him just so she could smile into his gaze.

slowly but passionately they brought their lips together before falling back on the fully made bed. delilah loved that bed, the way the sheets smelled like steve and even after he got up they kept his imprint.

"we have to go." delilah murmured, pulling back from the super soldier.

he groaned and pretended to pout once they split, "fine."

the pair grabbed the various suitcases and made their way to the old truck that steve drove to new jersey to see delilah's "dad"
again, the day of the identity crisis.

as they drove off, delilah looked back at the compound, watching it disappear beyond the trees.

"do you like living there?" she asked, pressing a finger against the window of the truck.

steve nodded, his eyes barely leaving the road and his right hand resting comfortably on delilah's thigh.

"i'm a soldier, i've always been a soldier, it's where i belong."

delilah turned to look at him, a small frown etched upon her face.

"do you ever sit out of a war? like when it doesn't involve you, when you have nothing to prove."

he shook his head, "if something i know about obstructs my morals and is hurting people, i have to stop it."

"i didn't know we were so similar." she laughed a little, moving forward to turn up the radio.

they drove further in a comfortable silence, the indie music delilah put on filled the car as she would occasionally sing or hum along with the song.

"click." steve said from the drivers seat, focusing intently on the sunlight hitting off the blonde girl's face.

she gave him a questioning look as he explained himself, "i just take mental pictures, i don't have a camera."

"it's okay," she smiled, "i have a camera that you can use, seeing as it's kind of part of my job, when i'm not saving the world."

"you save the world often?" he joked, an unwavering smile still on his face.

"no. i think i want to though, just for the thrill of it all."

he nodded, "i wouldn't call it thrilling, necessarily, it's tiring but rewarding."

she gave a mischievous smirk and laughed a little, "saving the world is just light work for you, rogers."

"everything is light work when you look this good."

delilah immediately began to laugh hysterically to the point where she thought she was going to throw up.

"i don't even know what that is supposed to mean and i can't decide if i like it or not."

the captain shrugged, pulling off onto the beach exit, "oliver always says it, i thought i'd try it out."

"no," she shook her head and laughed harder, "oliver says 'i can afford to be gay since i look this good.' that is not the same."

"potato tomato."

"i literally never understand what you're saying." she groaned, shifting in the slightly uncomfortable car seats.

"it means 'i love you' in spanish."

"that is just not true. like at all. in the slightest."

he just hummed along with the quiet conan gray song on the radio, pretending delilah wasn't making fun of him.

"steve you missed the turn."

he just shrugged and kept driving, "in this world it's either yeet or by yeeted."

"what the fuck" delilah whispered, looking at her boyfriend with major concern before the puzzle pieces clicked together.

the blonde girl took out her phone and dialed peter parker, not even giving him a chance to say hello.

"stop using gen z phrases in front of steve."

the boy seemed nervous, "i don't know what you're talking about."

delilah rolled her eyes, "really?" she challenged, using the inevitable 'mom voice', "he just said 'in this world it's either yeet or be yeeted. tell me that you didn't teach him that."

he began to stutter at the start of his sentence, "so what if it was me? what are you gonna do?"

"i'm going to go pick a peck of peter parkers and pickle them. in acid."

and she hung up, evidently exasperated.

"you shouldn't threaten kids," he reprimanded, still not going to the beach house, "can you just get us to the house, rogers? because i'd love to test your grand yeeting-theory if you don't stop acting like a freak."

steve didn't hesitate to follow the directions of his girlfriend, he eagerly pulled into the drive way of the average-sized beach house. it was adorned by a shade of dark blue with white doors and shades, delilah kept calling it "quaint" and it began to get annoying.

before the super soldier could even put the truck into park, delilah was practically flinging herself out of the passenger seat and moving to meet oliver.

"he just told me it was 'either yeet or be yeeted' i can't stand him anymore." he complained, turning back towards where her boyfriend was, chatting with bucky as they unloaded things from the truck.

"don't worry," her friend plastered a warm grin on his face, "the beach fixes everything." and delilah couldn't agree more.

unloading took awhile, delilah got to show steve where they would stay, the smaller sized room but the bigger sized bed, plus the bathroom was very nice.

"we need groceries." delilah stated, after everything was moved out.

"let's do teams," oliver offered, "two people get groceries and two people stay and make sure everything is clean at the house."

"i'm doing groceries!" bucky and delilah yelled at the same time, both of them pressing their pointer finger to their noses, just to nose goes.

"looks like your partners." steve smiled, knowing how hard it was for them to get along.

"shit." they said again at the same time, before turning and threatening to hurt each other, again at the same time.

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