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delilah traced her fingers over the new addition to her neck as she stood in front of the various screens in one of the many labs scattered throughout the compound.

the track she barely had on thor had been lost. tony explained that he was the best bet for delilah, he would know the most about her real family. but now, he was gone, no one had any clue where he was. she grabbed herself a seat and sat her pajama-clad body down.

thor and banner have been off the grid for awhile, that's what the rest of the avengers told her. however, delilah was full of the most dangerous trait: hope. she did think that there was a chance that she could find them and her family, but it seemed now that all the hope she once possessed was now lost.

"you're up early." natasha's unusually sweet voice stated from the doorway that she was leaning on.

delilah shrugged, "yeah, i couldn't really sleep. i was thinking too much, i guess."

"about home?" she asked, gesturing to the beautiful picture of asgard that hovered around delilah.

"i don't know if it even counts as home," she laughed dryly, swiping a hand to get rid of the picture, "i've barely spent any time there, at least any time that i remember."

the red head nodded along, her cherry locks moving with each bob of her head as she slowly approached delilah, who wasn't entirely in the mood to talk to anyone at the moment.

"do you ever want to go back? just so you can see, just so you can know what's going on and if they need you or not."

the blonde girl nodded eagerly, "all the time. well, i can't really go to asgard now, seeing as it's currently up in flames. i just want to meet my real family, maybe gain some closure."

"have you talked to steve about it?"

delilah now shook her head slowly, a wave of guilt coming over her at the mention of steve, whom she had left alone this morning.

"i like to think that even though they might need me there, he needs me here. and maybe he doesn't, but it helps me sleep at night; feeling wanted that is."

"i do need you here."

his deep morning voice and kind words brought a smile to delilah's face as he stalked across the room to pull his girl into a bear hug.

"god," natasha fake gagged before heading towards the door, "love makes me sick."

and she left, leaving steve and delilah alone in the big room, but delilah felt even more alone. even when steve was there she couldn't help but let the thoughts consume her. the thoughts of what it would be like if she were to go back.

would she be royalty?

would her family even still be alive after the events of ragnarok?

they had more in common than it looked, not only were the questions about her and her asgardian bloodline, but they were questions she thought she would never have an answer to.

"what are you thinking about?" the blonde man asked when he noticed she was quiet, something that delilah wasn't very often.

instantly her hand clasped around the sun that hung from her neck, "everything."

"that's a broad answer."

"i had a dream last night, it was so weird." she rambled, "it was like my entire life if i was never sent to earth. i don't really know what to think."

"did it seem like a nightmare or a daydream?"

she shrugged, "i was the queen. i felt loved."

his eyes seemed to be overcome with hurt and pain but the darkness left as quickly as it came, although the bit of sadness that remained still danced in his light blue irises.

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