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the compound seemed lifeless and empty. delilah scoured countless rooms but found no one, absolutely no one. it was as if her worst fear was coming true, she was completely alone.

she paused a little when she got to steve's room. the bed looked as if it had barely been slept in and everything was in its perfect position. but every single picture of delilah, whether it was with steve or not, had been turned down.

upon entering on of the conference rooms, she finally found someone. rhodey sat alone, his leg looking to be in better shape.

"rhodey." she greeted him, sneaking up behind him.

"jesus christ."

she shook her head, "just delilah, but thank you."

"where the hell have you been?" he asked, enveloping her in a hug.

"yes, exactly where the hell have you been, everly?" a voice asked and delilah turned around to see a hologram chat with secretary ross.

"i was in space, secretary. a little family reunion, if you will, except i turned up only to find out they all were dead."

he ignored her and addressed rhodey, "still
no word on vision?"

"sadly, the satellites lost him somewhere over edinburgh." he replied, leaning on the table for support.

"on a stolen quin jet, with four of the world's most wanted criminals."

rhodey then began to walk, waving his pen around, "you know they're only criminals because you chose to call them that, sir?"

delilah let it sink in, steve was a criminal now.

"my god, rhodes. your talent for horse shit marvels my eyes."

"if it wasn't for those accords, vision would have been right here." delilah defended her friend.

he completely ignored her, "i remember your signature on those papers colonel."

"that's right," he nodded, "and i'm pretty sure i paid for that."

"do you have second thoughts?"

he shook his head.

"your thoughts, everly?"

she just chuckled and rolled her eyes, "those accords tried to put me in jail. those accords are, surprisingly enough, full of more horse shit than you."

"that's enough!" he tried to stop her, but his attempt was futile.

"i am tired of having white men in suits who think they're on top of the world silence me. i am so tired of you telling me what i can and can't do? you know what, when thanos comes i'll be sure to send him your way. let's see if that congressional medal of honor protects you now."

delilah didn't notice natasha, steve, sam, wanda, vision, or bruce enter the room. she was to busy finally speaking her mind and letting the bubbled thoughts spill over.

"that was hot." steve spoke, the silence lasting for a bit before he broke it.

sam just shook his head, "i hate you guys."

"mr. secretary," steve greeted the man on the screen.

"you've got some nerve, i'll give you that."

natasha looked him over, "you could use some of that right now."

"the world's on fire" he blatantly ignored her, "and you think all is forgiven?"

"i'm not looking for forgiveness and i'm way past asking permission. earth just lost her best defender, so we're here to fight. if you want to stand in our way, we'll fight you too."

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