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"if i walk in there and he's dead i will blame it all on you, steven grant."

the captain just rolled his eyes and urged delilah to be the one to knock on the door of her childhood home. he did envy her, he would never admit it, but he thought she was just so damn lucky that she still had her dad, even if she lost her mom. family was family, and those who had it were more blessed than they knew.

her soft taps on the door startled him from his own world, he began rubbing circles on the back of her hand with his thumb. she was nervous and tense, it was easy to tell.

when the door opened, steve was prepping himself for her father to be there and do his best to scare his only daughter's boyfriend. even if steve wasn't technically her boyfriend, but he thought he acted like one and she thought he did too.

the door swung open to reveal a frazzled oliver, the author of every hilarious patriotic insult rogers had ever received.

faster than the speed of light, oliver pulled delilah into a tight hug. it went unspoken that this was the longest the two had been apart, but they would be farther apart in the future, they just didn't know it yet.

"well, if it isn't stars and stripes mcspangled pants!" oliver exclaimed, a look of fake disgust adorning his face as he glared at the first avenger.

"oliver," he extended a hand for a shake but was awkwardly denied, "always nice to see you."

"wish i could say the same." he frowned and delilah hit his stomach, steve finally realized where she got it from.

"we're going to go inside now, ollie." delilah stated before pushing him so she could walk through the doorframe, "i would love it if you would leave your bitterness outside."

walking through the old house was nice and calming, the familiar scent of wood and vanilla candles that reminded delilah of her mother.

"ah," her father exclaimed from the top of the stairs, he looked visibly weaker, "my only daughter, who doesn't call me, is back."

she smiled softly and walked to hug the older man, "hi, papa."

he smiled back at her, crooked teeth and all.

"oh, yeah," her mind snapped back into place after seeing steve stand awkwardly in the living room, oliver refusing to stand near him, "this is my friend, steve rogers."

friend, steve thought to himself, friends is fine, i have a lot of friends.

as she shook hands with the old man he noticed his limp grip and eyes that were looking anywhere but at him.

"so," delilah started once they were all sitting and eating dinner at the rather cluttered table, "you said you needed to talk to me, dad, what's up?"

he didn't look up from his meal, shaking his head "now is not the time delilah. we'll talk later." there was an edge to his voice, as if he had gotten meaner in her absence. delilah tried to ignore it but deep down she felt the difference and it did bother her.

steve sent her a look as to remind her that it was okay, that this too shall pass.

after an incredibly tense and quiet dinner, derrick ordered oliver to distract steve so he could finally be completely honest with delilah.

as they sat down in the living room the blonde girl could feel herself growing nervous, this was her father and she thought she would be fine. but instead was met with unsteadiness and an irregular heart beat.

"don't hate me," was what he started with, and he would end up hating himself for it for many years after, "i'm not your real father."

she began to laugh and derrick began to think she was absolutely crazy, "i know, i'm adopted, you've told me before. i had crackheads for parents and they gave me up for the greater good, i've heard the story a million times."

this is gonna hurt. he thought, the truth always hurts.

"but you weren't born here, delilah." he tried again, only to fail a second time.

"so i was born in another state? i don't see why this is a big deal."

he just shook his head, "another realm."

her eyes grew wide and he could tell she wasn't understanding, "another realm?" she questioned, "you mean to tell me i'm from mars? is this some kind of joke? it's not very funny."

"you were born in asgard, delilah, actually that's not even your real name. you were born to high ranking parents in asgard, your mother died during child birth and your father sol, he's the god of sunlight. since birth you were very much like your father, too much for your own good. small but mighty, they called you sunna, even when you were a child you had these immense powers that you discovered right away. but your anger, you had an awful temper. you killed someone at age eight, it was an accident but your father was quick to cover it up. he sent you here, to me and your mother, to be raised without fear of what other asgardians would think.-"

"you lied to me. for all these years, all these years, you raised me as someone that i wasn't, i grew into a person i'm not supposed to be, because you hid the truth from me."

"your father wants you to go back, delilah."

tears clouded her eyes as she suddenly found it difficult to stop yelling, "i don't care what he wants. delilah isn't even my name. i don't know anything about myself anymore! anything!"

he shook his head shamefully, unable to make his eyes meet hers that were now glowing gold with angry light, "your birth name is sunna. you're a goddess. that's why you can't be killed by anything from earth."

sunna stayed quiet, nothing she wanted to say was appropriate and for some reason she was able to find the filter she usually lacked.

"can you please say something, daughter? i'm sorry."

"i'm not your daughter," she snapped, a sour expression laced her features, "i don't know who i am."

angrily she stormed out of the house and sat in the car she and steve had drove here in, she remained unable to speak about anything. her heart breaking when even challenged by the thought of talking about what she had learned.

before steve could go to meet the angry girl in the truck they drove to the farmhouse, derrick stopped him in front of the door.

"you're not good for her." he stated coldly, causing steve to roll his eyes.

"obviously neither are you."

"i only wanted what was best for her!" he yelled, "you stay away from her! she'll kill you when she's angry if you say the wrong thing. i'm her father, you follow MY orders, captain. and i say, stay away from her."

silently, rogers left the old house, jogging up to the driver's side of the car.

"delilah, i-"

"that's not even my name."

he sighed and started the ignition, the low roar of the car invading what would be silence.

"i wanted to say i'm sorry."

"can you please just take me home," she pleaded, "i just can't be here anymore."

silently he obliged, knowing he would do anything for her, whether she asked or not.

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