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Charlotte's pov

"Char hurry up i have cheer practise!" Alissa whined.

"Im coming" i huffed and ran down the stairs.

"Finally let's go" she said and we hopped into her car.

Oh shoot forgot to introduce myself .... Welp .... my name is Charlotte Coleman ( yeak ik boring ass name) anywho i have honey brown eyes and jet black hair . And im a senior ... the joy :(

"Earth to char bear!" Alissa yelled .

"What?" I snapped.

"Well you're not a morning person" she said and i sighed.

"Sorry okay I've been up all night studying" i said.

"You know you don't need to stay up all night you are like the smartest person i know" she said.

"If i wanna get away from my toxic aunt and uncle i have to study all night" i said.

"How was last night?" She asked.

"Fine i just heard them fucking like rabbits no biggy" i shurgged.

"That's disgusting" lissa said and i nodded in agreement .

"Welp we're here" lissa said and we got out and went our separate ways.

Lissa is part of the popular group and im part of the 'don't give a fuck group'

Fun right? :/

Anyway i walked to my locker only to bump into someone really fucking tall.

"What the fuck do you eat?" i groaned rubbing my face.

"What?" Aaron asked smirking . He's the schools badboy ... i think . I don't pay much attention to people ...oops

"Why the hell are you so tall" i asked .

"I heard you the first time kitten" he said.

"Who the hell are you calling kitten dickwad" i growled.

"Your small and cute like a kitten" he said .

"Just move" i sighed and shoved him out of the way .

I don't get why everyone is so afriad of him he looks like a fucking poster boy ...sum bitch :/

I grabbed my english book from my locker and walked to class.

"Hey sexy mama" Nick yelled and slapped my butt.

"That's sexual harassment" i said and he rolled his eyes.

"I would rather fuck that wall than you" he snorted.... and that would be my lovely bestfriend since kindagarden nick. Annnnd he's also gay .

"You did fuck that wall" i chuckled.

"Good times" nick sighed .

"So i heard you and my buddy are buddies" nick smirked.

"Okay aaron is not my 'buddy'" i said rolling my eyes.

Oh and aaron and nick are friends . I don't even know how that friendship happend.

"So your fuckbuddies?" Nick asked.

I glared at him and hit him with my book .

"Aaron is not on my radar" i said.

"If you say so" he singed .

"C'mon walk me to class" i said .

"I don't wanna" he whined stomping his foot.

I rolled my eyes but dragged him with me .

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