I am fully convinced you never graduated kindergarten

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Charlotte's pov

"Guys look" justin smiled walking up to us in a unicorn outfit.

"What are you wearing?" I chuckled.

"Im wearing unicorns char can't you tell?" He said rolling his eyes.

"Why are you wearing that?" Alex asked.

"It's unicorn appreciation day" he said .

"Okay then" alex said and stepped back.

"I am fully convinced you never graduated kindergarten" aaron said as we all snickered.

"Don't hate on my corns" justin said doing a pose.

"Fuck it" i said and pulled out my unicorn sweatshirt.

"You too?" Luke gasped.

"They're fucking majestic" i said .

"Okay im in" Nick said grabbing a unicorn beanie out of his locker.

(We're standing infront of nick and luke's lockers)

"We look goooood" i smirked .

"And that's my cue" alex said walking off.

"Byeeeee" we yelled.

"Time for class" aaron said grabbing my hand .

"We could always ditch and go hang out?" Justin smirked.

"Yeah i need people to see our swag" nick cheered.

"Fine let's go" aaron said.

We walked out school before the principal could see us.

We got into Aaron's car and drove off.

"Where are we going?" Luke asked.

"Let's go to the arcade!" Nick yelled.

"Nah" luke shook his head making nick pout.

I grabbed Aaron's hand and he gave me a questioning look.

"What's up with you?" I asked.

"Nothing im fine" he said shrugging me off.

I frowned and returned to the debate of where were going.

"Let's just go to the park or sum shit" i said.

"Fine" the guys grumbled.

I rolled my eyes and turned to the front to see aaron starring at me.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing nothing at all" he smiled slighly.

"If somethings wrong you need to tell me" i said.

"There's nothing wrong okay just leave it" he snapped.

"Hey hey hey who the fuck do you think your snapping at?" Nick asked hitting him upside the head.

Aaron didnt bother to respond and just continued to drive.

I am so confused right now. Why the hell is this so mad? And they say girls are confusing pfffft.

Aaron stopped by the park near luke's house and we all got out.

"Swings!" Justin yelled and ran over to the swings.

I chuckled and went and sat by the bench nearby .

"Hey" aaron said taking a seat next to me.

"Hey" i said.

"Im sorry for snapping at you" he said.

"Why did you snap at me? Did i do something wrong?" I asked.

"Alissa told me you hooked up with someone in the janitor's closet" he said.

"And you believed her?" I asked.

"Yeah im really sorry" he said taking my hands in mine.

"Why were you talking to alissa anyway?" I asked.

"She approached me by my locker" he said.

"Okay" i said and got up.

"Where are you going?" He asked.

"Im going home" i said.

"We can't leave now" he said.

"No im walking sweety" i said.

"Are we in a fight?" He asked.

"No why would you think that?" I asked.

"Babe just sit please" he begged.

I sighed and sat down .

"Im sorry for listening to lissa" he said.

"Okay fine" i said.

"Im going to show off my swag" i smirked .

"Yeah you go do that" he said.

"Oh and aaron i will be needing 5 boxes of chocolates in order to forgive you" i said.

"Coming right up" he said and i smiled.

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