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Charlotte's pov

"Fuck yes!" Nick yelled running around the living room.

"Why are yelling so early in the morning?" Justin whined.

"Because we get to leave that god forsaken school" he yelled.

"But do you have to yell?" Alex asked.

"Uhm yeah!" He yelled.

I huffed and threw him with a pillow making him fall onto the sofa.

"That hurt" nick whined holding his nose

"Good" aaron said .

"Guys im so hungover" luke groaned from the floor.

So we decided to get shit faced before graduation. Good idea right? :(

"Im never touching a bottle of tequila again" Jake groaned holding his head.

"That's because you weren't suppose to" i said hitting him over the head.

"Im 15 i sneak drink" he smirked.

I rolled my eyes and drank my glass of water .

"We should get ready" aaron said.

"I don't think i can move" luke said.

"I don't feel like moving" justin said .

"Fuck this im gonna take a shower" i said getting up.

"Me too" jake said standing up and grabbing my hand.

I rolled my eyes and flicked his head and walked off.

"Babe can i come?" I heard aaron yell .

"Sure!" I yelled and ran up to my room.


"I can't believe im finally leaving this place" alex said as we all sat in our assigned seats .

Me , nick and alex were sitting together.

"Yeah thank fuck then we get to go to college mofos" nick smirked .

"Im so sad i won't be seeing any of you" i pouted and pulled them in for a hug.

"What the hell are you talking about im going to the same college as you" nick said shrugging me off.

"Oh right forgot" i smiled.

"Lucky bitches" alex grumbled.

"Poor baby" i said patting alex's back.

Alex will be going to school in new york along with justin . Sad right?

And the rest of us will be going to cali!

"Char!" I heard aaron yell and i turned around to face him.

"What?" I asked.

"Im lonely" he whined.

"Hush they're gonna call names now" i said .

"Why can't i sit on my seat?" He whined.

"Just sit here and shut up" i said and he climbed over and sat next to me.

"I love you" he smiled and kissed my face.

"Okay loverboy" i chuckled .

"Aaron Cantwell!" The principal called .

"Yay me!" Aaron cheered making us laugh.

He walked onto the stage and received his diploma.

"Charlotte coleman!" They called.

"Yay charlotte" nick cheered.

I smiled and walked onto the stage and received my diploma.

More people were called up .

"Alex Davis!" The principal called.

"Whoooooo go alex!" I yelled .

"Justin Ellis!"

"That's my bitch!" Luke yelled.

More people were called...

"Nick Garcia!"

"That's my baby!" I yelled as nick walked onto the stage and got his diploma.

More people were called up...

"Luke Jennings!"

"That's my boyfriend!" A random girl yelled as we all laughed.

"We're did it hoes!" Nick yelled as we all group hugged.

We did it .... fuck yes!

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