Badboy has a crush

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Charlotte's pov

"Hey babe!" Nick yelled as soon as he saw me walking into school.

"Hey babe" i smiled and hugged him.

"Where's the guys?" I asked.

"At the football field" He said.

"Let's go i feel like annoying someone" i smirked.

"Oh you and your ways" nick chuckled.

We walked to the football field and saw the guys tackling each other.

"Hey!" I yelled and jumped on aaron.

"Jesus" he groaned .

"Sorry" i smiled and got off him.

"Your heavy need to lay off the burgers" he said and i scoffed.

"Suck my dick" i said and luke chuckled .

"Nice one" he said and high fived me.

"Hey luke can we talk?" A girl asked.

"Nah im busy" he said and i smacked his arm.

"Oww woman" luke pouted rubbing his arm.

"Fine let's go" he sighed and walked away with the girl.

"Your new to the group and your already bossing us around" justin said.

"Hey you needed a woman in this group anyway" i shrugged.

He chuckled and pulled me onto his lap.

"Dude no lappy lappy" i said getting off him only to get pulled into Aaron's arms.

"Why are you guys so clingly?" I huffed.

"Well aaron has a crush on you and we just wanna tease you" nick shrugged.

Aaron growled and punched nick in the arm.

"Aww the badboy has a crush" i smiled and pinched his cheeks.

He rolled his eyes and pushed me off his lap.

"Oi be gentle" i said.

"Okay lovers quit it" nick said.

I rolled my eyes and layed my head on nicks lap.

We saw luke coming back with a red cheek ...i wonder what happened ;)

"Whoa what happend?" Aaron chuckled.

"The crazy bitch slapped me" he grumbled and sat down.

"It looks like you deserved it" i smirked.

"Shut up" he said .

We heard the bell ring and aaron and nick stood up.

"Dude!" I whined .

"Sorry" nick said and helped me up.

"Okay people who has maths?" I asked and alex lifted up his hand.

"Okay let's go" i said grabbing his hand.

"Let me walk you" aaron said pulling me away from alex.

"Im gonna walk with alex now be a good boy and go to class" i smiled.

Aaron narrowed his eyes but reluctantly nodded his head.

"Okay toodles" i waved and alex and i walked off.

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