Issa sleepover

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Charlotte's pov

"Finally" Luke sighed and threw his arm around me.

"What happend?" I laughed.

"This chick won't leave me alone" he groaned.

"What did you do to her?" I asked.

"I just smashed that's all" he shrugged.

"Did you promise her something?" I asked.

"I told her i loved her" he said.

I sighed and hit him upside the head.

"You really told her you love her just to fuck" i said.

"Yeah what's the big deal?" He asked.

"God" i face palmed.

Am i surrounded by idiots...?

"You don't tell girls that when you don't mean it dumbass" i said.

"Then they won't let me fuck" luke whined.

"You guys ready for the sleepover?" Justin asked.

"Hell yes!" I yelled.

"How many pizza's should i order?" Justin asked.

"20 for me please" i said and they looked at me shocked.

"What? i like food" i said.

"No kidding" luke chuckled.

"Your just not use to it because you like girls that have salad for dinner" i said.

"What's wrong with that?" Alex asked joining the convo.

"Just a salad i mean c'mon it's disgusting" i said.

"My girl has a point" nick said .

"Hey babe" i smiled.

"Hey bebe" nick smiled back.

"Are you guys dating or...?" Justin asked.

"We're just friends and im not his type" i said .

"Your my type" luke smirked.

"Dude she's already taken" alex smirked.

"Im sorry what?" I asked.

"Yeah you and aaron" nick said wiggling his eyebrows.

"There's nothing between aaron and i" i said rolling my eyes.

"Not yet" alex snickered.

I punched him making him shut up .

"Remind me not to piss you off" he groaned rubbing his arm and i smiled.


"You bitches ready to go?" Aaron asked.

"Yes!" I yelled and hopped into the car .

"Where's the rest?" Justin asked .

"Right here whore" alex said as he and the rest of the guys got in.

"Let's go" luke yelled and aaron speeded off.

"Holy chicken nuggets your house is amazing" i said in awe.

"Thanks" aaron said throwing his arm around me.

"Why are you so clingy?" I asked.

"Because he likes you" nick yelled.

I rolled my eyes and sat down next to nick .

"Your leaving me for nick?" Aaron pouted.

"Sorry babe" i smiled .

"It's gucci" he said and threw himself on the sofa.

"People what are we gonna watch?" Justin asked scrolling through netflix.

"Teenage bounty hunters!" I yelled.

"No!" Alex yelled and i pouted.

"Why not?" I whined.

"Because we watched it hundred times already" he said and i huffed .

"Ouu lucifer!" Luke yelled.

"You're a luci fan?" Nick asked.

"Uhm hell yeah" he said .

"Okay how about we watch hubie Halloween?" Aaron asked.

"The new adam Sandler movie?" Justin asked .

"Yeah" aaron said.

The rest of us agreed on the movie and we all sat down and grabbed a bowl of popcorn.

"Babe!" Aaron whined.

"What?" I asked.

"Sit with me?" He pouted.

I sighed and got up and sat next to the big whiny baby .

"Im hurt" nick said throwing my candy at me.

"Dude" i yelled .

"Can you guys shut up we're trying to watch a movie" luke said .

I huffed and threw my feet over aaron and watched the movie.

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