Date arrangements

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Charlotte's pov

"Char thank god" alissa said rushing over to me.

"Why are you hugging me?" I asked uncomfortable.

"I heard about your cuts" she said.

"Was it about your mom?" She asked.

"Alissa can you get off me?" I asked.

"Seriously char we're still not friends?" She asked.

"No we're not friends nor will we ever be" i said.

"Wow hanging with the badboys makes you think your tough" she laughed.

"Sweety i am tough and i sure as hell don't need a man to prove it" i said.

"So what are you banging all of them or do you just like professors?" She smirked.

"I mostly like your dad he's a good fuck" i winked and walked off leaving a speechless alissa .

And no i didn't have sex with her dad! Talk about gross

"Hey babe!" Justin yelled running up to me.

"Wassup?" I asked.

"Oh you know the sky" he said and i smiled.

"So i saw you talking to lissa how did it go?" He asked.

"Bad as usual she accused me of having sex with you lot" i said.

"You know she and aaron have an on and off thing" he said.

"Another reason why i don't wanna be his girlfriend" i said.

"Wow peaches im hurt" aaron said joining us in our walk to class.

"Do you always pop up when we're talking about you" i asked.

"Pretty much" he smirked.

"And im not hooking up with lissa  nor will i ever" he said.

"Your just saying that" i said .

"Im serious i only have eyes for one girl" he said.

"I can cut this sexual tension with a spoon" justin muttered.

"What's her name?" I asked.

"Bella Stone" he said.

"Holy shit!" Justin yelled.

"Im so happy for you" i said.

Who the fuck is bella? Wasn't he just confessing his feelings to me thee other day? Wow this dude ain't shit

"Getting jealous?" Justin asked.

"Not at all im into professors anyway" i smirked and walked off.

Time for Mr hotty's class .

I walked into class to see nick sitting up front.

"Babe you have no idea how glad i am to see you" i said quickly .

"Spill the tea bitch!" He said .

"Aaron is dating bella stone" i said and his eyes widened.

"His dating his crazy ex again" nick groaned.

"Wait she's his ex?" I asked .

"Yeah the psycho one he usually takes her back to make someone jealous or too tell someone to back off" he said.

"Who would that someone be?" I asked.

"You bitch!" Nick yelled and all the students turned to us.

"What you mofos" nick yelled.

"This shit is getting complicated way to damn fast" i said.

"Yeah no shit" nick sighed.

"Im gonna flirt with our teacher " i said getting up and walking too mr hotty's desk.

"You go hoe" nick whispred yelled.

"Hey mr hotty" i smiled .

He looked up and smiled . White teeth wheeew !

"Hey charlotte" he said.

"I was wondering what's taking you so long to ask me out" i smirked.

Holy shit why did i just ask that?

"I thought you had a boyfriend" he said.

"Wow i thought for sure you would say it wasn't allowed" i said surprised.

"Your beautiful ofcourse i would ask you out" he said and i blushed.

"So when are you picking me up on Saturday night?" I asked.

"Does 8 sound good?" He asked.

"8 sounds wonderful" i smiled and went back to my seat.

"What happend?" Nick asked.

"I have a date" i squealed and he high-fived me.

"Im dressing you up no ifs and or but's" he said.

"Fine" i grumbled.

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