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Charlotte's pov

I was hanging out at aarons because my aunt and uncle decided to fuck like rabbits again.

And i do not need to hear that ...again

"What are you thinking about?" Aaron asked.

"Zac efron" i smiled and he rolled his eyes.

"What do you wanna watch?" He asked.

"Invisible man" i said.

"I love that movie" he yelled jumping on me.

"Me too" i laughed.

"Babe your heavy" i said and he quickly got off me.

"Sorry" he chuckled.

"Put it on dickwad" i said.

"Dickwad?" he gaped.

"Yupp" i said and pressed play.

"Now cuddle" he said pulling me into him.

"Your such a girl" i teased.

"Well this girl wants a kiss" he smirked.

"Eww" i laughed .

"Well you guys are cozy" Aaron's mom said .

"Just cuddling mom nothing major" aaron smiled .

"Charlotte call me when he's being to much" Aaron's mom winked .

I chuckled and aaron pouted.

"Welp i definately like your mom" i said .

"The joy" he said.

"Holy shit your hot" a boy said who i now know as Aaron's younger brother.

"Thanks" i chuckled.

"Hey i called dibs" aaron said shooing him away.

"Why do you always get the hot ones?" He whined.

"It's called having good looks" aaron smirked.

"He's such a dick am i right?" He said and aaron gaped.

"Facts" i said and aaron playfully shoved me.

"Your suppose to be on my team" aaron pouted.

"His team seems more cooler" i shrugged.

"Ha! She picked me bitch" jake yelled .

"Language!" Aaron's mom yelled.

Okay i love this family :)

"Sorry mom" jake yelled.

"Dick can i borrow your car?" Jake asked.

"Wait aren't you 15?" I asked.

"Yeah so?" He asked.

"You not driving my car jake" aaron said.

"Please" jake begged.

"Why?" Aaron asked.

"I got a hot date" jake smirked.

"Mom, jake's got a hot date!" Aaron yelled.

"You son of bitch!" Jake growled.

I burst out laughing as aarons mom came in with a wooden spoon.

Fuck the movie this is entertaining as fuck

"Your not allowed to date until your 16 mister" Cara ( their mum) said .

"Aaron's lying!" Jake yelled stomping his foot . Hmmm

"Aaron" cara said.

"He said he had a date ask char" aaron said and everyone started at me.

"I plead the fifth" i said .

"See i knew i liked you" jake said and i smiled.

"Stop hitting on my friend you wierdo" aaron said .

"I thought she was your girlfriend" cara frowned .

"Mom, he doesn't have the balls to ask her out" jake smirked.

"Language" cara scwoled and swatted jake with the spoon.

"Oww" jake yelled holding his arm .

"Mom, jake we were kinda watching a movie" aaron said.

"Since you ruined my plans im ruining yours" jake smirked and plopped down next to me.

"Hey there sexy mama" jake said earning another smack from cara.

I let out a chuckle and aaron pulled me more to him.

"So clingly" i sighed .

"Aaron's always clingly if he likes the person" cara winked and quickly walked out.

I think she ships us? Naaaaaah

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