The date

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Charlotte's pov

"Your dating your english teacher?!" Aaron yelled.

"Im not dating him" i said rolling my eyes.

"Then what are you doing?" He asked.

"Getting food and talking nothing major" i said.

"I thought you weren't ready for a relationship" He said .

"Im not" i said.

"Then why does he get to go on a date with you but i don't?" He asked.

"Well for 1 you have a girlfriend" i said.

"I only said that to make you jealous" he groaned.

"Well it didn't work" i said.

"Yeah I've noticed" he said.

"I don't trust that guy" aaron said.

"Is that your jealousy speaking?" I asked.

"You know it is" he said.

"Aaron im gonna go on this date and if anything goes wrong I'll call you" i said.

"Fine" he sighed.

"Just know your gonna be mine one day" he said walking out.

Okay confession time I've developed a tiny crush on aaron ...okay! A huge crush . I realised that i did when he said he was dating this bella chick.

"Wow i guess you don't need my help" nick said standing in the door.

"Yeah got tried of waiting" i shrugged.

"Well you look gorgeous" he smiled.

"Thanks babe" i smiled back.

I heard the bell ring .

"Time to go" i smiled nervously.

"Yeah and tell me everything" he said.

I nodded and walked down the stairs and saw aaron and zach talking . That's not a good thing right?

"Hey guys" i smiled .

"Hey you look gorgeous" zach smiled and pulled me to him.

"Thank you" i blushed .

Aaron rolled his eyes and walked off.

"Well let's go" i said .

We walked out of the door and got into his car .

"So where are we going?" I asked as we drove .

"School" he said .

"What?" I laughed .

"Im joking it's a surprise" he said.

"Okay" i said and looked out the window.

I felt zach's hand on my thigh .

"That's more of a second date gesture" i said removing his hand.

"So?" He chuckled.

"So i don't want your hands on my thigh" i said .

"Fine geez i thought you were easy" he mumbled.

"Excuse me?" I said.

Isn't it sad when your hot teacher is actually a big jerk?

"You came onto me charlotte, you basically screamed slut" he said.

"Stop the car you short dick son of a bitch" i said.

"That's not gonna happen" he said .

"I will stab you with a pencil" i warned.

"You don't even know how to do that" he said

"Yes i do , i watch supernatural bitch" i spat.

He rolled his eyes and stopped the car . I got out and slammed the door and he rolled down the window

"Goodluck finding a ride home" he said and drove off.

"Jerk" i grumbled.

I pulled out my phone and facetimed the guys .

"So im in the middle of nowhere" i said.

"What?" Aaron asked.

"What happend?" Nick asked.

"Mr hotty is actually a big dick" i said.

"What did he do?" Luke asked.

"Got mad that i didn't want him touching me" i said.

"Where did he touch you?" Alex yelled. Whoa

"Doesn't matter can one of you pick me up?" I asked .

"Im on my way" aaron said.

"Okay" i said and disconnected.


"Hey get in" aaron said .

I opened the door and got in.

"Want me to break his face?" Aaron asked.

"No it's okay" i smiled .

"Thanks for picking me up" i said and he grinned.

"Why are you so happy?" I asked .

"Because now you get to be mine" ge smirked.

"Give it your best shot Cantwell" i smiled.

It wouldnt hurt to give aaron a shot right?

"Oh i plan too" he smirked.

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