Pool romance

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"Good morning , Good morning!!!" Nick yelled pulling the covers off me.

"Dude" i whined and crawled into a ball.

"Get up and get dressed we got shit to do" he said .

"Fine" i huffed and slowly got out of bed .

"Where are we even going on a Saturday?" I asked.

"Just get ready" he said pushing me into the bathroom .

I sighed and did my daily routine and walked back out.

Nick and the guys were all casually laying on my bed .

"Morning" i mumbled and went and did my hair in a bun

"Morning babe" luke yelled.

"So what are we doing today?" I asked.

"Probaly going to the beach or something" justin shrugged.

"Okay then, where's aaron?" I asked.

"Uh he went out somewhere" nick said. Hmmm

"Welp im gonna go eat" i said and went to open my door but alex pulled me away.

"Why can't i leave?" I whined.

He checked his phone and sighed.

"Fine you can leave" he said opening the door.

What is going on with these idiots.

"Okay" i said and walked down the stairs and straight to the kitchen.

"Hey sexy mama" jake smirked .

"Hey jake have you seen aaron?" I asked.

"Me? See aaron? Nope" he shook his head.

"Why are you being so weird?" I asked.

"Im not hinding anything" he said quickly.

"I didn't say you were" i said raising a brow.

"Good" he said and quickly ran out.

They're definately up to something .

I shrugged and poured me coffee and sat down . I scrolled through insta when someone tickled my sides.

"Hey babe" aaron smirked kissing my neck.

"Hey where have you been?" I asked.

"I was busy with a few things" he said grabbing my cup.

"Hey!" I pouted .

"Sorry babe" he said.

"I need you to do me a favour" He said .

"Im listening" i said .

"I need you to not go by the pool" he said.

"I should just stay in the house?" I asked.

"Yeah or even better your room" he said.

"Why?" I asked.

"I need you to trust me on this" he said.

"Fine im gonna go watch lucifer" i said.

"But you promised we would watch it together" he pouted.

"Sorry boo" i patted his chest and walked up to my room.


"Wake up" someone yelled shaking me .

I groaned and rolled over .

"What?" I mumbled.

"Get up!" I heard nick's voice .

I opened my eyes and saw nick and luke in tuxes?

"How long did i sleep?" I asked.

"Four hours" luke said.

"Put this on" nick said handing me a black dress.

"Seriously?" I groaned.

"Yes now go" he said .

I huffed and got up and walked to the bathroom .

I put the dress on and put my hair in a ponytail . And put on my heels . Yes i own heels , hush.

"Okay why did i have to put a dress on?" I asked walking out.

"Just come" luke said .

I rolled my eyes and hooked arms with luke .

"Where's nick?" I asked.

"Somewhere" he said.

We walked down the stairs and to the pool area?

"Nick!" Luke yelled.

"Coming" he yelled running to us with a blindfold and a oreo.

Nick put the blindfold on me and sticked the oreo in my mouth.

"What the fuck?" I grumbled .

"Okay let's go" they said and took me to the backyard.

"If your throwing me in the pool im gonna hunt you down and stab you" i warned.

"No need for violence" nick said.

They finally took the blindfold off me . I gasped at the site infront of me. In the pool were rose petals that said "be mine" . There was ballons everywhere .

"No way" i whispered.

"Babe" i heard Aaron's voice . I quickly turned around.

"This is amazing" i said in awe.

"So what do you say?" He asked nervously.

"Yes you big dummy" i laughed and jumped into his arms and the guys cheeered.

"Im gonna be a grandmother" cara squealed.

I smiled and kissed aaron .

Definately the best way to ask a girl out .

"You taste like oreos" nick said.

"That would be my fault" nick chuckled.

"Cannonball!" Jake yelled and jumped into the pool.

The rest of the guys followed jake's actions .

"Fuck it" aaron and i said and joined them

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