"Shut your pie hole"

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Charlotte pov

"Hey" the god of a teacher smiled as i walked into english..

"Hey mr hotty" i smiled and he chuckled.

"Im guessing that's my nickname for the rest of the year?" Mr hotty smirked.

Even his smirk is sexy!! Call 911 im on fire ;)

"That would be correct mr hotty" i winked.

Are we flirting?

"Teacher's pet" nick coughed as he walked in and saw me standing by mr hotty.

"Shut your pie hole" i warned and he rolled his eyes.

"Pie hole huh?" Mr hotty chuckled.

"Yeah so mr hotty what is your name?" I asked.

"So you can stalk me on facebook?" He asked.

"Among other things" i smiled .

"It's Zach Capaldi" he said and my eyes widened.

"Like lewis capaldi? Please tell me your related to him" i said.

"Yes like his name , no im not related to him" he said and i pouted.

"Bummer" i whined.

"Yeah" he chuckled.

"Well i have to go take a seat" i said.

"You go do that" he said.

"Yeah oh and keep an eye out on a possible friend request" i winked and went to go sit by nick.

"Were you flirting with our english teacher?" Nick asked.

"Can you blame me? The man is hot" i said staring dreamily at mr hotty aka Zach :)

"What about aaron?" Nick asked.

"What about aaron?" I asked.

"He likes you why won't you give him a chance" nick whined shaking me.

"I just can't okay everyone i let in dies" i mumbled.

"I get that your wounds are still fresh but you can't be so distant" nick said.

"I don't want him to break my heart i have a bad rep with guys" i whispered.

"Sweety aaron may seem all bad and tough but he's really a sweetheart and wouldn't hurt a fly" nick said.

"I can't okay!" I yelled and stood up.

"Everything okay Miss Coleman?" Mr Capaldi asked.

"Yes can i use the bathroom?" I asked and he nodded and handed me a pass.

I grabbed my bag and ran out .

I opened the girls bathroom and splashed some water on my face.

I  don't think i can do this .

I sighed and opened the stall and sat down.  I pulled out my box of razors and started cutting my arm .

The cuts started bleeding heavly . I quickly grabbed toliet paper .

I walked out of the bathroom to see aaron at his locker.

I sighed and walked past him hoping he wouldnt notice me .

"So no hi char?" Aaron asked.

Fuck he saw me

I slowly turned around and smiled.

"Hey aaron" i said.

"Hey now where's my hug?" He asked.

"I can't right now" i said .

"Wait why's there blood on the floor?" He asked.

"I have no idea" i said and felt a load of pain in my arm.

Why do i feel so dizzy ... this isn't normal right?

"Char you okay?" Aaron asked

I shook my head and felt myself fall backwards .

The last thing i saw was aaron rushing to my side and then complete darkness.

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