Im gonna be okay

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Charlotte's pov

I groaned and opened my eyes but closed it again due to the bright lights.

Why the fuck is it so bright? And most importantly where the hell am i .

"Is she awake?" I heard jake asked.

I opened my eyes and saw everyone standing around me.

"Am i dead?" I asked and nick smiled.

"No your not but you could've been" he said.

"Yeah you almost sliced a vein" jake said.

"Where am i?" I asked.

"My room" aaron replied.

"So that means you know about..." i trailed off.

"Your cuts yeah we do" luke said and i sighed.

"Im sorry for bringing up the past" nick said.

"It's okay" i said.

"Can you stop staring at me like im dead?" I asked.

"Yeah sure" alex said.

"Im so glad your awake" jake said and slid in next to me.

"Wow jake" aaron rolled his eyes.

"Uhm can i speak to aaron alone real quick" i asked the guys and they nodded and left.

"What do you wanna talk about?" Aaron asked.

"Does my aunt and uncle know im here?" I asked.

"No why would i tell them" he scoffed.

I sighed and grabbed my phone from the nightstand.

"No your staying here from now on i told my mom" he said.

"You told your mom?" I asked.

"Yeah about your aunt and uncle abusing you" he said.

I groaned and smacked his arm .

"Im not 18 aaron which means they own me" i said.

"Your not an object" aaron said and i rolled my eyes.

"Oh and i took all your blades" he said.

"What? Why would you do that" i asked.

"So you don't kill yourself" he said and i sighed.

"Char we love you and we don't wanna lose you so please can you stop cutting" he begged.

I sighed and nodded reluctantly.

"Yes" he cheered and kissed my cheek.

"Can we come in?" Justin asked.

"Yeah are you two hooking up?" Jake yelled making us chuckle.

"Come in losers" i yelled and all the guys barged through the door.

"We love you" they yelled and jumped onto the bed.

I giggled and nick pulled me into his arms.

"Your gonna be okay" he said and i smiled.

Im gonna be okay...

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