You got luked

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Charlotte's pov

"Bitch guess what" Nick yelled jumping on me.

"Dude my heart is in my butthole" i said.

"Okay eww and sorry" he said.

"So what happened?" I asked.

"I got a boooooooooyfriend!" Nick singed dancing around me.

"Yay my babe has a boooooooyfriend" i singed .

"Who is he?" I asked.

"Tony" he sighed.

"Waaaait you dating fucking tony?" I said shocked.

"Yupp" he grinned.

"Okay nice" i said and high-fived him .

Tony is the most gorgeous person in this school and yet he's gay . Smh

"I have to get to class" i said.

"Okay byee" he yelled and ran off.

"Hey sexy mama" luke smirked .

"Hey lukey" i smiled.

"So were you headed?" He asked.

"Physics" i said .

"I hate physics" he groaned.

"Me too" i laughed.

Luke threw me over his shoulder .

"Luke what the fuck are you doing?" I yelled .

"Your ditching with us" he said walking down the halls.

"What people?" Luke yelled .

"What the fuck are you doing luke?" Some jock asked.

"Nunja" he replied and i rolled my eyes.

I need a girl in my life :(

I kept thinking of how many guys are in my life that i didn't realise we were in the gym.

"Put me down you fartbag" i growled and he flipped me and i landed on the ground.

I groaned loudly . Fuck that hurt .

"Luke what the fuck" aaron helped me up.

"My bad" he shrugged.

"Motherfucker" i groaned .

"Sorry my babe" luke pouted and pulled in for a hug.

"You did enough" aaron said pulling me back.

"Can you both let go" i said.

"Okay" aaron said and let me go.

I went and sat by justin and alex.

"That looked painful" justin said.

"You have no idea" i sighed.

"You know luke does that to everyone" alex said.

"Did he do it to you?" I asked and they nodded.

"Luke doesn't know his own strength" justin said.

"Yeah no shit" i grumbled holding my waist.

"Hey babe" nick smiled and sat next to me.

"Hey, where's tony?" I asked.

"He's getting food" nick said.

"So i heard you got luked" nick smirked.

"Very funny" i said rolling my eyes.

"I wish i was here to see that" he chuckled.

I got up and sat on Justin's lap .

"Ouu me likey" justin smirked.

"You guys are such pigs" i grumbled.

"Isn't everyguy?" Luke asked as he and aaron sat down.

"Yeah i guess" i said .

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