Sleep , sleep all i need is sleep

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Charlotte's pov

"Wakey wakey sunshine" i heard cara say.

I groaned and opened my eyes.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"7:30" she said.

"Wake aaron for me" she said and i nodded.

I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and put on my slides.

I sluggishly walked to Aaron's room .

"Babe wake up" i said shaking him .

"No mom let me sleep" he whined and pulled the covers over his head.

"Fine then scootch over" i said.

He grumbled and opened the covers and i climbed in next to him.

I put my leg on his and he put his arm on my waist.

I sighed and fell back asleep immediately.


Nick's pov

"Hey second mom" i smiled as cara let me in.

"So where's my peeps they didn't show up for school?" I asked.

"Upstairs sleeping" she said.

"We brought their homework" luke said .

"You can go up and wake them" she said .

We walked up the stairs and opened char's room only to find it empty . Okay then...

I walked over to aarons room and opened it to see char and aaron sleeping .

"Luke wanna wake them?" I asked.

"Uhm hell yeah" he smirked.

We both ran up to the bed and jumped on them.

They both groaned in pain and aaron shoved us of.

"What time is it?" Char asked lifting up her head.

"It's 4 in the afternoon" i said.

"How long have you been asleep?" Luke asked.

"Since 7:30?" Char said but it came out more like a question .

"What were you doing that made you so tired?" Luke asked wiggling his eyebrows making me chuckle.

"We were fucking like rabbits" aaron said .


"Gross!" I said .

"Oh shut up" char said resting her head on Aaron's chest. Aww they soo cute they make me wanna puke.

"Well tomorrow we're going to a party at some chick's house" luke said.

"Are you gonna come?" I asked.

"I did multiple times" char smirked.

"Since when did my bestfriend have a potty mouth?" I gasped.

"Since Aaron's dick came along" she smiled.

"Can we not talk about my dick?" Aaron asked.

"Sorry sweety" char patted him on the head.

"Well we're gonna go" i said and pulled luke with me.

"Okay byeee" they yelled .

They probs gonna have sex . Gross!!!!

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