"A new friendship circle was born"

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Charlotte's pov

"Hey loser" aaron grinned.

I rolled my eyes and continued my walk to the cafeteria.

"Don't be so uptight babe" he said slinging his arm around me.

"Shouldn't you be hooking up with alissa?" I asked.

"Nah your best friend is so annoying" he chuckled.

I rolled my eyes and punched him.

"Don't talk about my friend like that" i said .

"Fine" he said.

We walked into the cafetria and instanly everyone started at us.

"Get your arm off me Cantwell" i growled.

"Nope your sitting with me" he said pulling me to the group filled with boys ... the joy!

"Aaron is this your new plaything?" Luke chuckled.

"Shut up fartbag" i glared.

"Got a fiesty one" luke wiggled his eyebrows.

"Bite me" i said.

"Okay stop leave her alone" aaron chuckled.

"Lookey lookey" nick smirked as he sat down next to me.

"Hey babe" i smiled.

"So your hanging with us?" He asked.

"Yes she is" aaron said .

"Hey char" alissa said.

"Hey lissa wassup?" I asked.

"Come over to our table" she said.

I got up but nick and aaron pulled me back down.

"I wanna sit with my friend" i whined.

"No your sitting with us" nick said.

"Nick stop being a dick gosh" lissa rolled her eyes.

"Wow wortbag" nick said.

"Okay enough" i said.

"Char I'll see you later" lissa said.

"Bye" i said .

"You need to get rid of her" nick said.

"Why , she's my friend" i said .

"You seriously don't know?" Luke asked.

"No what?" I asked.

"Alissa is saying your her charity" luke said.

"What?" I asked.

"Yeah she tells her cheerleader friends that she's only your friend cause she pity you" nick said.

"No" i shook my head.

"Ask yourself" nick said .

I looked around the cafeteria and spotted alissa with the cheerleaders.

I sighed and got up and walked over to her .

"Hey lissa can we talk?" I asked.

Her friends started giggling and she fake smiled and got up.

"Sure" lissa said and we walked out of tbe cafeteria.

"Am i your charity?" I asked.

"What?" She laughed.

"Nick and the guys told me your only my friend for sympathy" i said.

"Since when do you listen to those idiots?" She asked.

"Well one of those idiots are my bestfriend" i said.

"Whatever" she rolled her eyes.

"What is up with you?" I asked.

"Fine i have to tell you" she said.

"Tell me what?" I asked.

"Your aunt and uncle paid me to be your friend" she said.

"Im sorry what?" I asked shocked.

"Yeah they wanted someone to be there for you when your mom died" she said putting her hand on my shoulder .

I shurgged her hand off .

"You don't have to pretend to be my friend anymore" i said and walked back into the cafeteria.

I sat next to nick and shoved his burger into my mouth.

"Eating your feelings?" He asked and i nodded.

He rubbed my back .

"Did my shitty aunt and uncle pay you too?" I asked.

"Pay me for what?" He asked.

"To be my friend" i said.

"Im your friend cause your sweet , kind , funny , crazy and you help me pull some fine ass men" he smirked making me laugh.

"I love you" i said and hugged him .

Someone cleared their throat and we broke apart .

"We can be your friends" alex said.

"Free of charge" luke smiled.

"And so a new friendship circle was born" justin said in a weird voice.

"Weirdo" i chuckled.

I grabbed handful of fries from Aaron's plate and he glared at me.

"Get use to it" nick said as i ate from their plates.

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