The kiss

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Charlotte's pov

"I fucking love you babe" i yelled as Damon Salvatore appeared on the screen.

"Why do girls like this man" jake grumbled from beside me.

"Because he's fucking gorgeous" i yelled.

"No he's not he's old as fuck" aaron said.

I gasped and grabbed him by his shirt and shook him .

"How dare you talk about my man like that?" I asked.

"He's married babe" nick said and i rolled my eyes.

"See this is why i need girlfriends" i said.

"If you get one can i watch?" Luke smirked.

"Pig" i said and threw him with a pillow.

"Oh you like it" he winked.

I huffed and threw him with another pillow.

We heard a knock on the door and stared at each other to see who's gonna get it.

"Fine I'll get it" jake grumbled and got up and left.

"Back to damon" i smiled but frowned when i saw a diffrent show.

"We're watching american dad end of discussion" justin said.

I pouted and buried my head in Aaron's chest.

"You two have been together alot lately" nick wiggled his eyebrows.

"We live together Einstein" aaron said .

"Your crazy ex is here" jake said and the girl glared at him.

"What are you doing here?" Aaron asked getting up.

"We need to talk" she said.

What . Is . Happening?

Should i be jealous orrrrr?

"Yeah sure" he said and they left.

"Sooooo that just happend" luke said.

"They're probaly gonna fuck" jake chuckled.

"Dude" nick yelled.

"What?" Jake yelled back.

"Char likes your brother you dumb fuck" nick said.

I scoffed and nick glared at me.

"No she doesn't she likes me im way more man than aaron" jake smirked making me snort.

"Yeah in your dreams bucko" alex chuckled.

"I could totally land char" jake boosted.

"Nah" justin shook his head.

"No one's gonna land me and put Tvd back on" i yelled .

"Yeah!" Alex yelled.

"I thought you were on our side?" Nick gasped.

"Always pick a woman's side they're the winning team" alex shrugged.

"See i knew i liked you" i smiled and blew him a kiss.

Aaron came back with messy hair and lipstick all over his face.

"You fucked her?" Luke yelled.

"No she attacked me" aaron sighed and plopped down next to me.

I scooted over to jake and aaron raised his brows.

"You might have herpes"i said .

Nick bursted out laughing while aaron just rolled his eyes.

"I don't , wanna help me take this off" he said.

I threw him some wet wipes .

"There i helped" i said.

"Oh shit" justin said.

"We'll be right back" aaron said grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the living room.

He pushed me against the wall .

"I hate being cornered" i said.

"I hate being treated like your friend" He said.

"You wanna be strangers?" I asked.

"I wanna kiss you" he said.

I kept quiet and looked down at my shoes .

"So your quiet and shy now?" Aaron smirked.

I looked up and narrowed my eyes and was about to say something when he smashed his lips onto mine .

He tricked me!!!!

I pulled him closer and he lifted me up and kissed me deeply .

"Holy shit" jake yelled.

Aaron and i broke apart and looked at jake annoyed.

"Go away we're busy" i said .

"Well shit" jake said and left.

I turned Aaron's head to me and kissed him again.

"Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrl" i heard nick yell .

I sighed and let go of aaron.

"Just for interrupting me im putting tvd back on" i said and pushed past jake and nick.

"Thanks alot man" aaron said and hit them upside the head.

I plopped down on the sofa and put tvd back on .

I kissed aaron ....holy christmas nuts

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