fellas , i think i killed a god

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Charlotte's pov

"Hey what are you guys doing?" Justin asked joining us at our lunch table.

"Im helping little aaron here with his english homework" i smiled  .

"Dude your breaking the rule" justin grumbled.

"What rule?" I asked .

"Our rule is not to do homework" justin said.

"Don't worry you'll be doing this again next year" i smirked.

"Hurtful" justin said.

"Anyway can we get back to work?" Aaron asked annoyed.

"Fine don't get your pad in a wad" justin said making me choke on my own spit.

Pad in a wad? Never heard that one before have you?

"Where the fuck did you even here that?" I asked.

"I watch alot of tv" justin shurgged.

"Yeah no shit" aaron mumbled.

"Again hurtful" justin rolled his eyes.

"Im gonna go get some booty" justin smirked eyeing a random cheerleader.

"Classy" i said .

He waved me off and walked over to the cheerleader. Guys...

"I have to go get something in my locker" i said and got up and left.

I walked down the hall only to bump into someone.

Holy smokes he's gorgeous.

"Fellas i think i killed a god" i said and the hot stranger chuckled.

"Shit sorry" i said and helped him up.

"Sorry for bumping into you" i said.

"It's okay" he smiled . His teeth is so white and his lips omg i wanna kiss them so bad.

Okay char don't act like a hoe.

"So are you a new student?" I asked.

"Actually im the new ap english teacher" he said and i gaped.

He's the new teacher that everyone was talking about ....fuccccck

Well there goes my highschool love story . Smh

"Aww bummer" i whined.

"Bummer?" He asked rasing a brow.

"I find you attractive mr hotty" i said.

"Well your blunt" he chuckled.

"Yupp" i nodded.

"Well I'll see you" i said and continued my way to my locker .

"I see your flirting with teachers now" alissa said leaning on the locker next to mine.

"I wasn't flirting lissa" i said rolling my eyes.

"You called him Mr hotty" she said.

"He's not the first teacher i called that sweety" i said shutting my door.

"Whatever" she said and pushed herself off the lockers.

"Is there anything else you wanna say?" I asked.

"Yeah i slept with aaron" she smirked.

"Sweety i don't care" i chuckled.

"Why aren't you mad?" She asked.

"Why would i be?" I asked.

"Because your dating him and he cheated" she said.

"Who said we were dating?" I asked.

"Aaron said you guys were dating" she said.

"So you slept with my boyfriend to get back at me?" I asked.

"Pretty much" she said.

I rolled my eyes and walked back to the cafetria.

"Aaron Cantwell why did you tell chloe we're dating?" I asked.

"So she could back off fuck she clingly" he said.

"Bitch your clingly too" i said .

"Only with you" he smiled.

I rolled my eyes and hit him upside the head.

"Who else thinks we're dating?" I asked.

"Everyone" he smriked.

"I hope you choke" i said.

"Omg thank you" he said sarcastically.

I rolled my eyes and stole his burger.

"Stop eating my food" he said trying to grab it.

I stuck my tongue out at him and stuck the whole burger in my mouth.

"Damn how much room is in there?" He asked .

"Let's just say im gonna make my husband very happy one day" i smriked .

"Aww im gonna be very happy one day" he smiled.

I rolled my eyes and laughed.

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