"Well that was fun"

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Charlotte's pov

Im currenly staying at Aaron's only for a little while . My aunt and uncle doesn't care their exact words were "Good fucking riddance you disgusting hag"

I know right so sweet !

Aaron and i were watching a movie when jake jumped in between us.

"What is your problem?" Aaron asked.

"I feel like being a cockblock" he smirked.

I ruffled his hair.

"Woman dont touch the hair" he said.

"Okay" i laughed .

"Your hair looks like a possum died on it" aaron said making me snort.

"What!" Jake yelled and ran off.

"Too easy" aaron smirked.

"Welp im hungry peasant" i smiled.

"Im not making food" aaron said .

"Im a guest you have to" i whined.

"It's so far" he grumbled.

I shoved his head off my lap and got up .

"That hurt" aaron whined from the floor .

"Why are you on the floor?" I asked.

"When my head goes my body goes right with it" he said.

"Yeah okay" i said and walked out.

"This house is huge!" I yelled trying to find the kitchen.

"This way" aaron said pulling me to the kitchen.

"Holy Christmas nuts it's huge" i said.

"That's what she said" he smirked.

"Get me food" i said .

"Fine woman" he said and made me a chicken sandwich.

"Thanks bebe" i smiled as he handed me a plate.

"Babe? Are you guys finally dating?" Aaron's mom squealed.

"Uhm no we're not" i said and she pouted.

"But i ship you guys" she whined .

I knew it!

"Can we stop talking about this?" Aaron asked.

"Fine" she sighed and joined me on the bar stools.

"She likes me mom im the handsome one" jake smirked walking in.

"Im pretty sure i don't have the hots for a 15 year old" i chuckled.

"Don't knock it till you try it" he winked.

"And that's our cue" aaron said grabbing me and walking out of the kitchen.

"Well that was fun" i said and he gave a 'seriously' look.

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