Dad's back

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Charlotte's pov

"Wakey wakey" i heard jake yell before freezing cold water was dumped on me.

I shot out of bed and chased jake down the stairs.

"You son of a bitch!" I yelled and jumped him making us tumble down the stairs.

"Holy shit" aaron laughed.

I groaned and got up..

"What happend?" He asked.

"Your brother soaked me with water" i grumbled.

"Uhm babe" aaron said.

"What?" I asked.

"I can see your nipples" he said.

I looked down and saw my nipples through my white shirt that is now wet.

Aaron picked me up bridalstyle and we walked to my room.

"Im good thanks" jake yelled as we walked past him.

Aaron threw me on the bed and closed my door .

"Let me go put something on" i said.

"Do you have too?" He whined.

"Yes now go" i said.

"No im staying" he said and threw himself on my bed

I sighed and grabbed my clothes and walked to the bathroom.

I did my daily routine and walked out .

Charlotte's outfit👇

"Finally let's bounce" Aaron clapped his hands

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"Finally let's bounce" Aaron clapped his hands.

"Fine fine" i sighed and we walked out and down the stairs.

"Dad's here" jake yelled rushing past us.

"What?" I asked.

"Shit" aaron sighed and grabbed my hand . I gave him a confused look but he ignored it.

"Finally got a girlfriend aaron?" A guy who i assume is Aaron's dad.

"No d-" arron starter but i cut him off.

"Yes he did nice to meet you im charlotte" i said and shook his hand.

"Try harder to keep this one" his dad said and walked away.

"Why is he so uptight?" I asked.

"Because his a dick" jake said joining our little convo.

"So you hate your dad?" I asked and they nodded.

"He pops up in our lives like once or twice a month" jake said.

"Why?" I asked.

"His living with his mistress" aaron said.

"And what about your mom?" I asked.

"She knows but my dad won't let her divorce him" aaron said.

"What a dick" i mumbled.

"Yeah no shit" jake said.

"Babies im home!" Cara yelled and we all ran to the door.

"Dad's home" aaron said and cara's smile immediately dropped.

"Take this to the kitchen then go straight to your rooms" she said and we nodded.

She walked off towards the living room.


Cara's pov

"What the hell are you doing in my house?" I yelled slighly.

"This is my house i can come when i want" john yelled back.

"Oh now it's your home, what did you bimbo break up with you?" I asked.

"She's not a bimbo" he said grabbing my arm.

"Hey sir you might wanna let go before i call the cops" i heard charlotte say.

I turned around and saw char, jake and aaron .

"John just leave and sign those papers" i said .

"You know what fuck this" he said grabbing his coat.

"Sign the papers dad" jake yelled.

"I already did!" He yelled and threw the papers at us .

"You better pick that up and show my mom some repect" aaron said walking over to his dad.

"Aaron stop" charlotte said pulling him back.

"It's over" john said and shoved past us.

I sighed and threw myself on the couch.

"Cara are you okay?" Charlotte asked .

"Yes i will be" i smiled.

"Can you guys go get some shakes from milky lane?" I asked.

"Yeah sure" aaron said .

They all walked out and i buried my head in my pillows.

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