Encounter with bobby pins

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Charlotte's pov

"What the hell happend to you?" Nick asked as i walked up to them.

"Encounter with bobby pins" i said and aaron scoffed.

"What's wrong with you?" Justin asked.

"Nothing" aaron said.

"Im gonna go" Luke said.

"Wait for me" i said and put my arm around his waist and we walked off.

"Your being clingly what do you want?" Luke asked narrowing his eyes.

"Nothing" i smiled.

"Okay" he said suspiciously.

"Let's just get to class divvy" i said.


"Oh my gosh char what happend?" Alissa asked running up to me.

"Nothing" i said and continued to make my way to the cafeteria.

"Did they hurt you?" She asked.

"Why do you care?" I yelled as i opened the cafeteria doors.

"Babe!" Nick yelled waving me over.

Alissa gave me a look which meant we need to talk . I ignored it and went to go sit with the guys.

"Hey babe i missed you" nick said side hugging me.

"Missed you too babe" i smiled.

Tony cleared his throat while glaring at me. Oh shit he's jealous

"Im dating aaron no need to get jelly" i said and aaron choked on his burger.

"Bestfriend said what?" Justin yelled.

"I was kidding calm down" i chuckled.

All of a sudden the cafeteria went dead silent as the god i bumped into a few days ago walked in .

He looked around and spotted me and instanly waved . Oh shit

I waved back and smiled .

He's so gorgeous!!!!

"Does my little baby have a crush on the teacher" luke smirked.

"No" i blushed.

"Holy shit you never blush" nick said wide eyed.

"Annnnd your out" aaron said slaming his hands down on the table.

"Okay hulk" nick said.

"Char can we talk outside?" Aaron asked.

"Nah im eating" i said.

He glared at me and picked me up dragging me out of the caferia.

"You made me drop my food you eggroll" i grumbled.

"What was that about?" He asked.

"What?" I frowned. Tf did i do now ? Gaaah!

"You getting all girly for a teacher" aaron glared.

Is he jealous ?

"Okay why do you even care?" I asked .

"Because" he said.

"That's not a good reason" i said.

"Fine i like you!" He yelled and i looked at him shocked.

"Why are you shocked the guys literally told you" he said.

"I thought it was a joke" i said.

"Well it wasn't" he said.

"Aaron we barely know each other" i said.

"Yes we do char stop fighting what we have" he said pulling me closer.

"We don't have anything aaron" i said .

"Then why did you flirt with me?" He asked.

Why did this have to happen?

"Im so sorry aaron i really am but im not ready for a relationship" i said.

"Why not?" He asked.

"Because i have a lot of shit to deal with and i can't take care of a boyfriend right now" i said.

"Do you even remotely like me?" He asked.

"Of course i do , you stood up for me with my aunt and uncle , your caring and funny" i said .

"Why does it feel like i stepped into the brother zone?" He pouted.

I hate it when guys pout they look so fucking adorable.

"Your not stepping into the brother zone okay" i said and he nodded.

"Let's head back" aaron said and we walked back into the cafetria .

"Hey you guys good?" Nick asked as we sat down.

"Yeah all good" i said .

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