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Charlotte's pov

"Hey slutty" food stealer yelled.

"Im sorry what is your name again?" I asked confused.

I truly forgot her name ...oops.

"Ashley" she said and shot me a glare.

"Okay trashley" i smiled.

"Just becuase your dating the football captain doesn't make you untouchable" trashley growled.

Wait aaron plays football? How did i not know this ?

"I think it does" i said.

"Ugh your such a bitch no wonder alissa stopped hanging with you" she said.

"If im such a bitch then why the fuck do you keep wanting to talk to me? Sweety that's fan behavior" i smiled and walked off bumping her in the process.

I fucking hate bullies .

"Babe!" Aaron yelled jogging up to me.

"I didn't know you play football" i said .

"You didn't ask" he said.

"How did i not know like holy shit" i said baffled.

"Sorry i didn't say anthing it won't happen again" he said.

"Pinky promise" i said holding out my pinky.

"Fine" he sighed and we pinky promised.

"Aww so cute" nick teased .

"Shut up man" aaron said.

"Yeah leave my baby alone" i laughed hugging his waist.

"Stay just like that" nick said and taking out his phone and started taking photos of us.

"Let me see" i said letting go of aaron and walking over to nick.

It's actually a good picture.

"Send me that" i said and he nodded.

I was turned around and a shirt was pulled over my head.

"What the heck" i yelled.

"Wear it for today" aaron said.

I looked down and saw its his football jersey.

Eww am i one of those girls that wears their boyfriends shirts ? Well his not my boyfriend soooooo...

"Okay" i nodded and he smiled. Why does making him smile seem so important to me .

Fuck im turning soft.

"I need ice" i blurted out.

"What why?" Aaron asked.

"She's an ice eater" nick said.

"Why?" He asked.

"Because it's fucking delicious" i said and they chuckled.

"Weirdo" aaron said.

"Im not a weirdo , dipshit" i said .

"Okay okay stop" nick said chuckling.

"Fine let's go to class" aaron said throwing his arm around me.

"Yay im thirdweeling" nick said sarcastically.

I rolled my eyes and kissed him on the cheek.

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