Cool mom

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Charlotte's pov

"Aaron i really think we should get out of bed" i said .

"But im so tired" he whined pulling me into his arms.

"We have school and a party apperently" i said.

"Your the only party i need" he smirked.

"Okay people i gave you enough time to be lazy" cara said barging in.

"Mom?" Aaron asked.

"Yeah now get off your lazy asses and go to school" she said holding a nurf gun.

Im pretty sure she falls into the cool mom category.

"Okay mrs m" i said.

She shot aaron in the head and walked out after flipping her hair.

"Wanna shower?" I asked.

"Together?" He asked.

"Yeah no shit" i said .

"Fuck yes" he said jumping up . I laughed and we ran to the bathroom.


"Welcome to the land of the living" justin smiled .

"Thank you earthling" i smiled and hugged him.

"We missed you yesterday" he said.

"What am i chopped liver?" Aaron asked putting his arm around me .

"Yeah yeah you are" justin said.

"Shut up" aaron said.

"Im gonna bounce later bitches!" Justin said holding up peace signs.

"Weirdo" i chuckled and rolled my eyes.

"Ugh why did i have to run into you?" Alissa groaned.

"Hey bitches!" Nick yelled jumping on Aaron's back.

"Eww what's the roach doing here?" Nick asked .

"Fuck you" alissa glared.

"Guys let's just go" i said pulling Aaron's hand .

"Nick get off" aaron groaned trying to get nick off his back.

"Bye lissa" i waved . She glared at me and walked away . Thank fuck.

"Nick get off and I'll give you a cookie" i said holding up a cookie.

"Thank youuuu!" He yelled and jumped off aaron's back.

He grabbed the cookie and ran off probs to find tony.

"I wanna go hooooooome!" Aaron whined .

"Just 5 classes babe" i said.

He huffed and went to his locker and grabbed his football jersey .

"What are you gonna do?" I asked.

"Play" he said in a duh tone.

"Right now?" I asked.

"Yeah see ya later" he said kissing my cheek.

I pouted and watched him walk away .

"Is it just me or does he have a really nice ass?" Nick asked appearing next to me.

"Don't be staring at my man's ass" i said .

"If it weren't for me you wouldn't have a man" he sassed.

I laughed and he threw his arm around and we walked to class.

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